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Beginner Guide - Installation Guide

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Terminology Explanation

Term Explanation
Skill ‘Skill' refers to the technique that character can use. In one Skill Book,
there are 3~5 Forms that can be learned through mastering the Skill.
Level ‘Level’ refers to the mastery of the character. 1 Dan is equivalent to 10 Kyu.
For example, 5th Dan 3rd Kyu is equivalent to level 53.
Internal Injury ‘‘Internal Injury' refers to the abnormality of the character stats from receiving
damage. When Internal Injury accumulates, the attack and defense will be
lowered and there will be restrictions to the actions which character can take.
Pet ‘‘Pet’ refers to the character’s servant.
There are fighting types and mount types.
Either can be purchased or tamed. (taming is only available for Hunter class.)
Skill Points ‘Skill Point‘ can be used to master a Skill to learn new Forms within the Skill.
(There are 12 levels of mastery in a Skill.)
Stat Points ‘Stat Points’ can be obtained when you gain a level.
These can be distributed amongst Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence.
Quest 'Quest' refers to a given task or mission. Quest items cannot be traded or discarded,
unless you speak with a tavern clerk to help you clean up any old or unused quest items.