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Warfare - Diamond Castle War

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How does the Diamond Castle works?

The Diamond Castle is the map where the 5 legendary Temples resides .The house that proves that they are worthy to rule the Temple will be rewarded handsomely.

How to enter the Diamond Castle map?

The NPC ˇ°Hero battle managerˇ± at the each of the faction districts can teleport the character to the Diamond Castle war map after requesting.

How to capture the temple?

In Diamond castle map there are 5 Temples which can be occupied by a house. The Five Temples are as follows:-

  1. 1. Flame Wolf Temple.
  2. 2. Western land Temple.
  3. 3. Ocean Army Temple.
  4. 4. Southern Wood Temple.
  5. 5. Lightening Hill Temple.

Each temple are guarded heavily with the special forces and reinforced with strong doors .So beware!!!.

To capture the temple players has to break through the temples defense and find the particular temples Post Guard statue which will be spawned inside the great walls of the temple. Once the character of any house destroys the Guard post the temple will be occupied by that house.

The house that first captured the temple will be provided 20% of experience booster Buff for all the members of the House that had occupied the Temple .The Consecutive temples captured by the same house will give 10% Extra Experience buff. (For e.g. House A had captured the Flame Wolf temple and so all the members of House A will be rewarded with a 20% exp boost on every map. After some time House A captured the Western Land Temple and so the Exp boost percentage will be increased by 10% hence the Total exp Boost will be 30 % and so on .)

The other houses and members will also have a chance of capturing the temple after the first  temple has been captured .The re-spawn time of the Temple Post statue is 1 hour.

What`s the rewards for capturing the Temples?

The special buff which will increase the experience received for each kill for a monster in all maps.