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Intermediate Guide - Five Element

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What is Five element?

Five element refers to Tree, Fire, Earth, Steel and Water. Five element systems are to convert these elements power into player’s abilities.
How to convert them?
Players need to exchange [No Colored Marble] into [Normal Marble Box] from [Five Element Manager] (290,200) at Dragon Castle. They will receive [Normal ‘element’ Marble Box] randomly either from Tree, Fire, Earth, Steel and Water.

Opening the box
When Opening the [Normal ‘element’ Marble Box], element of Tree, Fire, Earth, Steel and Water will be implemented randomly into element marble. [(0+) Normal Marble] and the level of the marble will be decided randomly as well. (Marble level (1~5))

Right click the Element Marble to equip or Press ‘J’ to open Five Element UI.

There are two ways to marble stronger.

  • ·Strengthen the Marble
  • ·Increase the level of the Marble.

Players may strengthen the marble with maximum of (+5).
Recipes for strengthening is as follow. (They will require the same materials regardless of the level of marble.

Marble Material 1 Material 2
Tree Marble Jadeite x 2 Emerald Jadeite x 2
Fire Marble Ruby x 2 Citrine x 2
Earth Marble Amethyst x 2 Opal x 2
Steel Marble Adamantine x 2 Garnet x 2
Water Marble Carbuncle x 2 Azure x 2

Warning! Item will be discarded when failing.

Players can improve the power of marble by doing Synthesis and High-grade synthetic
Marble grades
[Normal] > [Advanced] > [Rare] > [Legend] > [Ultimate]
3 Marble is the recipes in order to upgrade the Grade. Marbles Level, Element, Grade, must be identical.
Players will be able to receive the improved grade Marble box and the grade will be randomly given.