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Warfare - Flag Kingdom

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What is Flag kingdom?

This is a faction based war where the players try to gather as many flags for their faction before the time runs out.

When can we join the flag kingdom war?

The flag kingdom war has been separated between 2 level categories,

  1. 1. 40~100-Every Monday 3am, 11am and 7pm PST
  2. 2. 101~199-Every Wednesday 3am, 11am and 7pm PST
How can I participate in the war?

Once on the mentioned timings a notice will be given before the Flag kingdom war is started and users will be given about 10 mins to enter the Faction war map. Once the 10 mins are over users may not able to join the flag kingdom war map. To enter the map users have to find the HERO BATTLE MANAGER in the faction districts of Shao/Zhuang.

How does this Flag kingdom work?

As soon as the message ¡®FIGHT¡¯ appears on the screen, players can move out of the safe zone and run towards the statues which are there in several places of the map. When a player destroys a statue a flag is dropped and the player is supposed to carry that flag to their safe zone to collect 1 point. The opposite faction has to kill the player carrying the flag and carry it to their safe zone.

If a player dies when carrying the flag, the flag will be dropped in the same place where he died and he will be re-spawned to his safe zone to try again.

The maximum number of points collected by the faction will be the winner of the flag kingdom.

Note: A player cannot use the Wind Drift skill when carrying the flag to his faction safe zone. Make sure the 1st slot of your inventory is free in order to pick up the flag.

What will be the reward?

The reward will be for both the factions, a Hero Battle Gem Box will be given which will give random useful items.