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Intermediate Guide - lot System

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What’s the Lot System?

It is a system added to give users more fun when training. After a player reaches a certain kill count, a lot will pop up, and based on your luck, you may get either items, additional experience, or gold. Kill counts are accumulated when players defeat monsters that are similar to their character’s level. It will be displayed every time a players defeats a monster.

New Lot System

Whenever lots pop up, you can choose to try a lot that gives even better items, if you decide to pay a little bit. (If not paid, regular lot will be displayed.)
When using New Lot, 150,000 gold will be spent.

Lot accumulation condition and period

Condition Period
1. Defeating a monster similar to the player’s level 1. Starting from the moment connected up until disconnection or character’s death.
2. Continuous kills 2. After the character revives, until disconnection or death of character.

Using Lots and getting rewards

  1. 1) Once your kill count reaches a certain level, a window will pop up in the upper right screen.
  2. 2) Press start button to shake the lot.
  3. 3) Press stop to stop shaking the lot. Your reward will be shown.

Conditions for Resetting Lot Level

  1. 1) Disconnection in general (Maintenance- Game Crash- Network Error- Process end- etc.)
  2. 2) Character’s death
  3. 3) Switching servers (Moving to the server selection screen)
  4. 4) No kills for 1 hour.
  5. 5) Killing 10000 monsters. (Final level. Goes back to 1.)
  6. 6) Additional experience also initializes according to the reset conditions. (Duration of experience can differ.)


  1. 1) If you do not have more than 5 empty inventory slots, a message will notify you to clear the inventory.
  2. 2) Lot icon will disappear once used.
  3. 3) Lots cannot be saved and played all at once.
  4. 4) After reaching the next lot level, you can only play lot of that level for just once.
  5. 5) Items that can be rewarded through lots can be changed in the future.