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High Class Guide - Soul Transfer System

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What is Soul Transfer System?

Soul Transfer allows you to transfer your character data to another person, using the Soul Transfer Tablet.

Transferred Data upon usage

  1. 1) Basic stats, quest information, skill, inventory will all be moved.
  2. 2) When transferring, all the items you are currently equipping will also be transferred.
    However, honor, karma, and battle points do not get transferred. Also, it is impossible to transfer from a lower level character to a higher level charater.

Before Transferring..

  1. 1) There is no special limitations to the initiator of the soul transfer, if not in a house.
  2. 2) Faction does not matter.
  3. 3) Receiver must not be under a house and completely empty his/her inventory.
  4. 4) If the message says that you are carrying items even if you aren’t, please reconnect.
  5. 5) The receiver may pay gold for the transfer.


  1. 1) Soul Tablet must be carried by the initiator.
  2. 2) Initiator must CTRL+click on the receiver, which will display the following window.
  3. 3) Click [Transfer Force]
  4. 4) Receiver will receive this message. Press OK to proceed.
  5. 5) When [OK] is selected, initiator will be prompted with this window.
  6. 6) On the receiver’s screen, this UI will be displayed. In this window, the receiver may check all information that will be transferred.* After checking, press OK to continue.
  7. 7) Receiver may put up some gold and press ok to continue. When OK is pressed, the folllowing message will be displayed in the UI window.
  8. 8) Finally, the initiator will be prompted with the final confirmation message.
  9. 9) When OK is pressed, soul transfer is at last made.
  10. 10) Everything except for initiator’s honor/karma/house/faction/ and gold is transferred. Even the outlook can be transferred.
  11. 11) Intitator’s level will be reset to 1.


  1. 1) Before transfer
  2. 2) After transfer


  1. 1) Is it possible to transfer from a lower level character to a higher level character?
    - NO.
  2. 2) How many times can one soul transfer?
    - There is no limitations.
  3. 3) Does the class and sex have to match?
    - NO.
  4. 4) My level is 3 Dan. If I get 6 Dan transfer, do I become 9 Dan?
    - No. You will be 6 dan.
  5. 5) Other timed items will be moved too?
    - Yes.


  1. 1) Initiator’s level will be reset to 1 after transfer.
  2. 2) If at least 1 item is sealed, soul transfer cannot be made.
    * Soul Transfer Tablet can be bought in Hero Tavern.