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High Class Guide - Seal System

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What is a Seal System?

Seal System can minimize loss from someone hacking into your account.
Also it can minimize accidents (selling it to NPC, dropping the item) by using the Seal System.
(While the items are sealed, items cannot be strengthened, dismantled, extracted, dropped, sold and/or moved.)

How do I get Seal Tool?

Seal Tool can be bought at a Tavern with gold.

Item Name Sale Price(each) Usage
[ Seal Tool ] 10,000 gold To seal an item
[ Unseal Tool ] 15,000 gold To unseal an item

How can I seal/unseal items?

  1. First, when the Seal Tools are used, UI window will pop-up like it shows on the picture below.
  2. Second, the player can create password, but only up to maximum of 8 Characters (including numbers)
  3. Third, if you sealed it correctly, you get this message.You now have successfully sealed an item.
  4. Fourth, you will see lock icon if you sealed your item successfully.
  5. Fifth, when you unseal your items, you will get UI window likes below and you need to type original password you set.Choose the items you'd like to unseal, type the password, and then click ok.
  6. Sixth, when you unseal your item correctly then you will get this message.You have now successfully unsealed an item.
[ Caution for Seal System ]
  1. First, when player seal or unseal the items, players can seal/unseal to maximum 10 items. Also they need a Seal Tool for each item. (Players need 10 Seal Tools to seal 10 items, and also 10 Unseal Tools to unseal 10 items)
  2. Second, if there is one or more sealed items in inventory, then players have to unseal these items first before sealing other items. (For the additional sealing the items, players MUST unseal all the previously sealed items)
  3. Third, players can prevent mistakes (Dropping, Trading) by sealing items.