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Beginner Guide - Installation Guide

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Shortcut Key

This page lists the default key configuration of the game. While Hero Online has certain default shortcut key settings, we have implemented the option of mapping your own shortcut keys for your convenience. You can do this by using the System Menu in game. (Shortcut key ESC)

Shortcut Key Info
Keyboard Button Usage
Cat Action Used Key Description
Skill Quick Slot Swit F1 F2 F3 F4 Quick Slot Page Toggle
Quick Slot 1st Space 1 Use the item in 1st Space
2nd Space 2 Use the item in 2nd Space
3rd Space 3 Use the item in 3rd Space
4th Space 4 Use the item in 4td Space
5th Space 5 Use the item in 5th Space
6th Space 6 Use the item in 6th Space
7th Space 7 Use the item in 7th Space
8th Space 8 Use the item in 8th Space
9th Space 9 Use the item in 9th Space
10th Space 0 Use the item in 10th Space
11th Space - Use the item in 11th Space
12th Space = Use the item in 12th Space
UI Character Window C Opens the Character Information Window
Inventory Window I Opens the Inventory Window
Skill Tree B Opens the Character Skill Tree Window
Pet Window P Opens the Character’s Pet Window
House Window G Opens the House Window
Quest Window Q Opens the Quest Window
Weapon Toggle W Toggles between 1st weapon set and 2nd weapon set
Item Pick Up S Picks up close-by dropped items
Item Name Display ALT Displays close-by item names
Select Target U Selects the closest enemy target
Target Attack A Attacks the selected target
Normal Chat Cursor Add/Remove ENTER Start chatting, End chatting
Normal   Normal chat bubble window will pop-up after entering a message
Mouse Left-Click Usage
Cat Action Description
Character Selecting In character select screen, click on the character.
Moving Click on the land or any type of surface.
Targeting Click on the character you want to target.
Attacking Double-Click on the targeted character.
Profession Related Picking Possible if the item for a profession is equipped
Item Picking Up Click on the dropped items.
Grabbing Click on a item in the inventory.
Moving After grabbing, move the cursor around.
Selling Move an item from character inventory to the store inventory
Purchasing Move an item from the store inventory to character inventory
Removing Move an item from equipped space to an empty inventory space.
Throwing Away After grabbing, click on the land or any type of surface.
UI Quick Pet Menu Hold Ctrl and click on the pet, it will bring up a menu.
Mouse Right-Click Usage
Cat Action Description
Camera Turning You can move the camera by dragging while holding right
mouse button.
Item Item Use / Item Equipping Uses the item if it is disposable item. Equips the item if it’s wearable.
*You can also switch already equipped items.
Item Removing Removes the equipped item. If there is no space inventory, a warning message will pop up.
Mouse Right-Click Usage
Cat Action Description
Item Description Pop Up If the cursor is moved on top an item, the item description will pop up.
Attack Skill Description Pop Up If the cursor is moved on top of a Attack Skill Book, the forms of the skill will pop up.
Passive Skill Description Pop Up If the cursor is moved on top of a Passive Skill Book, the skill description will pop up.
Form Description Pop Up If the cursor is moved on top of a form icon, the form description will pop up.