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Beginner Guide - Installation Guide

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Icon Double-Click

If you have completed the installation, new Hero icon will appear on your desktop. You can start the game by double-clicking on the icon or by logging in at our website.


Click on the “Game Start” button. If you don’t have an account, please sign-up as a Netgame Member prior to clicking on the button.

Server Sele

Select a server and a channel. Then, click Connect.

Creating a New Character

If you were successful in connecting to the game, you have to create a new character to play with.
In order to do so, please click on one of the empty space out of three in the middle.

Selecting a Character

You can select a character from the four distinct characters that specialize in different weapons.
If you would like to move to the previous screen press Esc.

Creating a Name for the Character

After selecting a character, please create a name for your character. After inserting a name, click on “Create a New Character” button to move onto the next screen. Character name is limited to 20 letters and if the character name seems inappropriate, it might be deleted or changed.

Game Start

Once your desired character has been chosen, you may either double-click on the character, or simply click once and then click on the "Game Start" button.

Deleting a Character

If you want to delete a character, click on the "Delete Character" button once the character is selected. Please think twice about deleting a character, once a character has been deleted, they cannot be restored.