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Intermediate Guide - Strengthening

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Dismantling System

Dismantling System breaks an item down to its contents in order to combine it with different items.

ex) Dismantling Black Dragon Cruel Blade : Book of Black Dragon Destruction Blade + Dense Iron + Gem Powder. (Count of each decomposed items will differ.)

Extracting System

Extraction System extracts an strengthening item by degrading an already upgraded item.

ex) 6th level Black Dragon Cruel Blade : 5th Level Black Dragon Cruel Blade + Chosen Strengthening Item. (When extracting, it will cost certain amount of money and create random number of Strengthening Items.

[ You may use these systems by going to the blacksmiths. ]

How to use Dismantling System

  1. 1. Click on Dismantle in the Blacksmith's menu.
  2. 2. Click on Dismantle after choosing and moving the item to the space provided.
    * If Dismantling fails, only partial cost and the item will be given in return.

How to use Extracting System

  1. 1. Click on Extract in Blacksmith's menu.
  2. 2. Click on Extract after choosing and moving the item to the provided space.
    *If Extracting succeeds, you will receive a strengthening item but if it fails, it only degrades the weapon.