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Intermediate Guide - Strengthening

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Armor Fusion System 

The Armor Fusion System enables you to fuse, or combine 3 Hero Tavern items of the same kind (3 Boots, 3 Armors, 3 Helms) and get a higher grade item of that kind. Players may do this by using a Tablet of Fusion with 3 of the same type of items which they decide to fuse.

Step By Step Guide to fuse the armors

1 Right Click on 'Table of Fusion' icon,  then you will see the window below.

ex) You can see the information of the items you want to have by combining. Just get your cursor on the icons.

2 Choose a item that you want to make and click OK.

then the window below will appear.

You are to put the items on the three slot above, then click the MIX button. Please be aware that you may not succeed in fusing the items. 

  • * If you fail, the Tablet of Fusion will disappear, but not the items used for fusion. 
  • * If you succeed, all of the 3 items and Tablet of Fusion will disappear, and a new fused item will be created.
  • * The pluses on the items have to be the same number in order for them to be able to fuse. 
    The success rate is decided upon how strengthened the item is:
    if you have more pluses on the items, the success rate will be higher.
  1. 1) Place the three armors which have the same enchantment level on the three slots above. then click MIX.
  2. 2) If you succeed, you will see the picure below.


1 List of the combinatons.
Set Item Material 1st Material 2nd Material 3rd Enhanced Item
Corean Master Corean Helm Emperial Helm Golden Helm Corean Master Helm
Corean Armor Emperial Armor Golden Armor Corean Master Armor
Corean Boots Emperial Boots Golden Boots Corean Master Boots
Emperial Master Emperial Helm Golden Helm Eastern Sage Helm Emperial Master Helm
Emperial Armor Golden Armor Eastern Sage Armor Emperial Master Armor
Emperial Boots Golden Boots Eastern Sage Boots Emperial Master Boots
Golden Sky Master Golden Helm Eastern Sage Helm Lee’s Helm Golden Master Helm
Golden Armor Eastern Sage Armor Lee’s Armor Golden Master Armor
Golden Boots Eastern Sage Boots Lee’s Boots Golden Master Boots
Eastern Master Set Eastern Sage Helm Lee’s Helm Samurai Helm Eastern Sage Master Helm
Eastern Sage Armor Lee’s Armor Samurai Armor Eastern Sage Master Armor
Eastern Sage Boots Lee’s Boots Samurai Boots Eastern Sage Master Boots
Admiral Lee’s Master Lee’s Helm Samurai Helm Ancient King’s Helm Admiral Lee’s Master Helm
Lee’s Armor Samurai Armor Ancient King’s Armor Admiral Lee’s Master Armor
Lee’s Boots Samurai Boots Ancient King’s Boots Admiral Lee’s Master Boots
2 Stats of the combined item and set advantage.
Corean Master Helm HP +90, Health Recovery 30%, Chi +80, Para. Def +5, STR +1, DEX +1
Corean Master Armor HP +165, Chi +120, Skill Def +30,  Conf. Def +10
Corean Master Boots HP +50, Chi +50, Def +1%, Def +21, Skill Def +1%
Set Advantage HP +40, Chi +90, Skill Def +40
Emperial Master Helm HP +60, Para. Def +10, STR +1, DEX +1, Def. +2%, Dodge Rate +10
Emperial Master Armor HP +180, Conf. Def +15, Para. Def +5, Poison Def  +14
Emperial Master Boots HP +55, Def. +2%, Skill Def. +1%, Def. +13, DEX +1
Set Advantage Poison Def. +14, Conf. Def. +10, Para. Def. +8, Def. +15
Golden Master Helm HP +35, STR +2, DEX +2, Def. +2%, Dodge Rate +10
Golden Master Armor HP +120, INT +2, Para. Def. +11, Poison Def. +12, Conf. Def. +6
Golden Master Boots HP + 15, DEX +1, Def. +25, Skill Def. +2%, Skill Def. +20, Chi +40
Set Advantage STR +1, DEX +2, INT +1
Eastern Sage Master Helm HP +70, Min. Dmg +6 Max. Dmg +7, Def. +3%, Dodge Rate + 50
Eastern Sage Master Armor Poison Def. +25, Para. Def. +20, INT +2, HP +80, Min Skill Dmg +15, Max Skill Dmg +20,  Skill Dmg +1%
Eastern Sage Master Boots STR +1, DEX +2, HP +55, Chi +40, Skill Def. +25
Set Advantage Min. Skill Dmg +30, Max. Skill Dmg +40, Skill Def. +35
Admiral Lee’s Master Helm INT+1 HP +110 Min. Dmg +4, Max. Dmg +5 Attack Rate +2% Skill Def. +1%
Admiral Lee’s Master Armor Para. Def. +8, INT+2, HP +130, Min Skill Dmg + 20, Max Skill Dmg +30, Skill Attack Rate +1%
Admiral Lee’s Master Boots Poison Def. +12, Conf. Def. +7, Para. Def. +5
Set Advantage HP +30, Attack Rate +2%