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Intermediate Guide - Party System

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What is [Master/Disciple]System?

Master/Disciple system is creating a relationship between house members under the same house. The system gives many bonuses as long as the master and the disciple stays near each other.

[Master/Disciple] System and rank in house

Disciple Rank attained when accepting other player as your master.
Master When taking in disciples, you become the master.
Grand Master Automatically appointed when the house has more than 15 members, and when the house leaders level is above 80.

[Master/Disciple]System and training

It is similar to forming a party. Pop up the UI to form the relationship.


  1. 1) Only the master can ask Disciple to start training.
  2. 2) When training mode is activated, master/disciple UI is displayed on the left.
  3. 3) Item acquisition method is chosen by the master. There are two options, [Round Robin&Random].

Starting and stopping training

  1. 1) Only the master can request disciple to start training.
  2. 2) Training mode can be stopped by the master.
  3. 3) If there is at least 1 disciple remaining, training mode persists.

[Master/Disciple] Rules for training

Training allows you to make a team. However, it doesn’t allow you to become disciples of multiples masters. You must abandon the relationship between your current master to form a new one with a new master.

Things to note regarding [Master/Disciple]System

  1. 1) In house rank effects, skill defense bonus doesn’t show on the status window, but the effect around your character will indicate that it’s applied.
  2. 2) Training can only be done under units of teams. After training session is established, you cannot get the bonus if you go outside the range of your group.