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Intermediate Guide - Party System

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What is Sync Effect?

It is a system to give more benefits for people who prefer party play.


  1. 1) Each character is given a special bonus every time the player connects. (When disconnecting, it won’t deregister for 1 to two minutes. To get a new effect, one must wait.
  2. 2) When creating a party with two or more people, bonuses are given according to how well sync effect is established.
  3. 3) You can see your bonuses on the window shown below.
  4. 4) When a new member gets added to the party, bonus can be changed.
  5. 5) When creating a party with 3 or more people, randomly Sync Effect(High) will be activated, which will enable all the bonuses that the party members possess.

What is Sync Point?

  1. 1) Higher Sync Point is given to parties that have similar level players in it.
  2. 2) Higher Sync Point, more chances to get bonuses.
  3. 3) If players are under the same house, or if they are master and disciple, Sync Effect (High) can be activated even for a 2-people party.
  4. 4) You can check Sync Point before requesting to creating a party.

Checking Sync Point

Notes about Sync Effect

  1. 1) Checking sync points can only be done when you’re not in a party.
  2. 2) Only the party leader can view the sync points.