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Intermediate Guide - House

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Master-Disciple System

Master-Disciple System is when members of the same house become master and disciple. By becoming master or disciple, when they are near each other, the disciple gets many different effects while hunting.
By activating UI, similar to party system, user can use Master-Disciple System.

Rank by Master-Disciple System

Rank contents
Disciple By making other user become master, that user becomes the Disciple.
Master When a member of the house accepts a disciple, that user becomes the Master.
Grand Master When members of the house reaches 15 or higher, and House Leader has 8dan or higher, House Leader becomes the Grand Master.

- If a house has Grand Master, the members of the house will receive divine skill.

How to train

  • 1. Only the master can train with the disciple.
  • 2. While in training, user can see who they are training with on left-side of their screen.
  • 3. Only the master has choice of who (random/order) can pick-up the items.
  • 4. To quit training mode, it is same as disbanding from a party. (If the master quits the training mode, everyone will be disbanded)
  • 5. Training mode will be remained active, if at least one disciple remains.