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Intermediate Guide - House

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House Storage

To use this House Storage, house rank must be more than a certain rank and house must be pay payment every month, all house members has excess to the storage.

How to use House Storage

  1. 1. Only the houses over the limited rank with over 15 house members has excess to the House Storage.
  2. 2. By talking to the House Storage NPC, houses can lease or extend the lease on their storage.
Important notice about House Storage
  • - While on lease of the House Storage, if the house moves up on the rank, the effect of the new rank will apply after the re-lease of the storage.
  • - After the lease, house members must extend the lease in order to store or take out items from the House Storage
  • - All house members can store inside the House Storage, but stored items can only be taken out by the master or vice-master of the house
  • - If the house is disbanded during the lease of the House Storage, items stored inside the House Storage will vanish and cannot be retrieved.
  • - A Pigeon will be sent 10 days before the lease ends to notify about the expiration date.
The accessibility of Bank slot for each Rank
Rank Amount of bank slot Lease [1 month ]
Family 120 50,000,000
Clan 180 80,000,000
House 240 100,000,000