13404 Hammer of Craft
Writer GM SSL
We have received much feedback from our players, who suspect the Hammers of Craft item is bugged (players claim that the item does not increase the chances of success, and in fact might even lower it).

We have investigated this matter thoroughly and have found no such error with the item. The item is operational and does, in fact, increase the chances of success by 1.5 times the original probability rate.

While the exact statistics might be revealed at a later time, we can assure our players that the item DOES work.

We must stress one thing: The Hammer merely increases the chances of success when it comes to crafting. It does not guarantee a successful craft, nor does it follow a guided pattern (i.e. 1 out of every 4 is guaranteed to succeed). Once again, the hammer merely increases the success probability rate.

That having been said, It is still possible to fail a craft even with the hammer. It has been set this way to maintain the balance of the game, since rare items are so valuable in the game.