• General Young Story Character
  • Bookstore Clerk Gong [Soft Shoulder/StreamFlow]
    Trade Arts Book
  • Linen Shop Baek Trade Costumes and Armors
  • Sentinal Kwak Manager of Tavern at
    the Red Dragon's Lair
  • Bookstore Clerk Woon Trade Arts Book
  • Tavern Clerk Hae Manager of Tavern at
    the Deserted Temple
  • Banker Sun Hwa Manage Storage
  • Guard Mah Guard of Crystal Summit
  • Blacksmith Jinmu Trade and Upgrade Weapons
  • Guard Chojin Guard of Crystal Summit
  • Gate Guard Jinsu Guard Southern Plains
  • Banker Sull Banker of Crystal Summit
  • Gate Guard Sohwa Guard Southern Plains
  • Tavern Clerk Lynn Tavern of Crystal Summit
  • Tavern Clerk Ming Greet travelers at
    the Southern Plains Tavern
  • Blacksmith Kang Trade and Upgrade Weapons at
    the Crystal Summit
  • Blacksmith Myung [Soft Shoulder/StreamFlow]
    Upgrade Weapons
  • Linen Shop Nam Trade Costumes, Armors,
    Accessaries at the Crystal Summit
  • Tavern Clerk Jin [Soft Shoulder/StreamFlow]
    Trade Manager of Tavern
  • Yulan Confined in a Crimson Sky by Dokma
  • Weapon Store Jin [Soft Shoulder/StreamFlow]
    Trade Weapons
  • Yubec Confined in a Crimson Sky by Dokma
  • Linen Shop Yeon [Soft Shoulder/StreamFlow]
    Trade Costumes and Armors
  • Tavern Clerk Soso Manager of Tavern at the Mudo Island
  • Class Change Master [Soft Shoulder/StreamFlow]
    Manager of Promotion
  • Tavern Clerk Jo Manager of Tavern at the Silent Valley
  • Banker Lim [Soft Shoulder/StreamFlow]
    Manage Storage
  • Fearsome Tiger Regiment Chul Hidden at the forest
    from Tiger Regiment's Attack
  • Ornament Store Yuyu [Soft Shoulder/StreamFlow]
    Trade Accessories
  • Central Isle Boatman Boatman who row travelers
    from Southern Plains to Central Isle
  • Yuha Physician [Soft Shoulder/StreamFlow]
    Trade Medicine
  • Spirit Spire Boatman Boatman who row travelers
    from Southern Plains to Spirit Spire
  • Escort Warrior Guard Dragon Catle
  • Castle Physician Story Character
  • Linen Shop Hwang Trade Costumes and Armors
  • Stable Keeper Ma Trade Pets and Foods
  • Banker Sunny Manage Storage
  • Blacksmith Jang Upgrade Weapons
  • Ornament Store Wang Trade Accessories
  • Mistress Peony Story Character
  • Young Seo Story Character
  • Castle Physician Trade Medicine
  • Bookstore Clerk Seo Trade Arts Book
  • Farmer Farmer at the Dragon Castle.
    Having trouble with wild boars.
  • Holy Physician Story Character
  • Gate Guard Jule Guard Dragon Catle
  • House Manager Yeo Manager of House Establishment
  • Gate Guard Jong Guard Dragon Catle
  • Hunter Trainer Han Hunter Trainer
  • Gate Guard Woo Guard Dragon Catle
  • Lord Sagun Story Character
  • Gate Guard Sam Guard Dragon Catle
  • Assassin Trainer Bing Assasin Trainer
  • Gate Guard Shim Guard Dragon Catle
  • Physician Trainer Bong Physicial Trainer
  • Chief Guard Lee Guard Dragon Catle
  • Warrior Trainer General Hwang Warrior Trainer
  • Tavern Clerk Sohae Greet travelers at
    the Dragon Castle Tavern
  • Weapon Store Hyun Trade Weapons