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  • The Master of Gunn-Gon The Ruthless Blade

    A contract killer, he is proficient in both long and short ranged weapons such as the bow and sword.
    He excels in luring distant enemies close to kill them quickly.
    His combat abilities are average, but he can develop into a prominent Force by hunting/taming animals or mining minerals.

  • Holy Oracle The Elegant Mystic

    Proficient with the Spear, Rod and Claws, she is excellent in dose combat.

    She has the ability to learn medicine to either cure herself and/or other partners or to attack using poison skills.

  • The Empress of Bo-Ta The Piercing Eyes

    The legendary sword artist of Bo-Ta Mountains,
    she mainly uses sword and has the ability to cloak herself.

    She can develop into a character that uses cloaked attacks and/or one that detects enemy’s cloaked.ly.

  • Lord of Strength The Overseer of the Sky

    He remains neutral in the ultimate dan war between Zuang and Shaopa.
    His life revolves only around martial arts.
    Swings only the Spear, rod, and Axe, he is the most powerful when it comes to combat abilities.

    Once developed, he can increase individual and group combat ratings.

  • Descendant of Hyun-Eum Tribe Majestic Muse

    She is the direct descendant and also the successor of the Hyun-Eum Tribe.
    She is usually a musician who travels around the world and visits taverns to play her instrument and sing. She has the ability to fight with instruments by loading the sound wave with energy to attack. Also she is fluent with using dual swords. Her appearance is to reinforce and encourage defending heroes to withstand the impending doom.

  • Blessing of Priesthood Monk

    Don’t rate him by his appearance!
    He is young and has a small body
    But deals powerful magic damage by throwing a charm paper based on his strong spirit.

  • King of the Forest Beast king

    Children who suffered from the War of the Twelve Demons ran into the thousand-year-old tree forest and saved from death by the beasts in the forest.
    They have strengthen up their body and agility in the forest.
    With their natural physical and agility,
    they have learned special ability to imitate beasts and perform the arts.