403 [Hero Guide] Frozen Guild War
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Frozen Guild War

Dear Hero Community!

We thank you for being patient for the Frozen Guild War,
and we are proud to present more details about "Frozen Guild War".

We hope that this can be the opportunity to introduce more about Frozen Guild War System.

□ How to Enter

- Characters belonging to registered Guild can enter the Frozen Guild War
through the NPC [Hero Battle Manager] in Justice/Chaos District.

□ Entry Time
- Frozen Guild War begins every 14:00 and could join for 10 minutes.
└ Entry information will be notified through system message.
└ After entry time ends, if 1 minute passes, the war will begin.

□ Entry Requirement
- Character with guild/clan can join the event.
└Guild/Clan master and members with a history of victory are not able to enter.

(1st day of every month, the history of victory will be reset.)
- Even one member can participate in the frozen guild war.

□ How to create a guild?

- You can create a guild through House Manager Yeo.
- Guild creation is available for players level 50 and above, and it requires 100 million gold.
- Even one member can participate in the frozen guild war.

□ Character

- When you enter, DEF and Arts DEF, HP Recovery will be fixed as '0'.
- Effect of item related to DEF and HP Recovery will not be applied.
Skill related to HP recovery will not be applied also.
- Skill/Art attack are determined as a single attack.
- The character will be automatically leave from the war when they die.

□ Criteria for Winning
- When a guild/clan occupies the occupied area" or "when only one guild/clan survives".
└ Occupation gauge increase depending on number of guild/clan members in the occupied area.

└ Winning Guild will be shown above the Occupation gauge.

└ When there is higher number of other guild/clan member in occupied area, the occupation gauge stops.

- The winning guild can be confirmed through the hero notice at the end of each month.

□ Reward

Odd-Month: 1/3/5/7/9/11

Even-Month: 2/4/6/8/10/12

- After the Frozen Guild War ends, the guild/clan master will receive either the
[Frozen Coin(Odd) or Frozen Coin(Even)] via the post system.
└[Frozen Coin(Odd)] Reward for winning in odd months./ [Frozen Coin(Even)] Reward for winning in even months.
└[Frozen Coin(Odd/Even)] The coin amount varies depending on the date.
└You can exchange frozen coins for various buff and items at the frozen coin shop through the NPC 'Battle Officer'.
※ The System post reward must be acquired within a limited time and will be automatically deleted if not obtained.
※ [Frozen Coin(Even)] will be deleted during the first maintenance of odd-numbered months.
※ [Frozen Coin(Odd)] will be deleted during the first maintenance of even-numbered months.

▼ Frozen Coin Provision

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7
Day 8Day 9Day 10Day 11Day 12Day 13Day 14
Day 15Day 16Day 17Day 18Day 19Day 20Day 21
Day 22Day 23Day 24Day 25Day 26Day 27Day 28
Day 29Day 30Day 31

▼ Frozen Coin Shop

(From the top, odd, even rewards)

- Buff Reward: The buff item's effect apply to all guild members from the moment the guild master uses it.
└ When Guild master uses the buff item, every guild member will receive buff effect at the same time.
- Item Reward (Consumable): Consumable items are delivered to all guild members via mail when the guild master clicks on the item.

※ Frozen Coin Shop items are provided in the form of consumable items, and their effects are activated upon use.
※ When Guild buff is used, members of the relevant guild will receive the buff.
※ When a new member joins the guild while the Guild buff is activated, the new member will receive the remaining duration of the buff.
※ When you leave or are expelled from the clan while the Guild buff is activated, the buff will be deleted immediately.
※ When you use consumable item rewards, the item will be sent to all guild members through the mail system.
※ Items in the mail system must be obtained within a limited time frame, or they will be automatically deleted if not acquired.
※ Frozen Guild items will be deleted after the first maintenance of the following month.
※ Certain items have a maximum purchase limit per month.

▼ Frozen Guild War Image