287 [Hero Guide] Soul Transfer Art System
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Dear Heroes,

We will introduce the [Soul Transfer Art]
information for your happy journey.

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[Soul Transfer Art with an NPC Chi Craft man]

You can transfer enhancement level & socket of the costume to another costume with gold

Location of NPC Chi Craftman

Example of how it is used

First of all, talk to NPC Chi Craftman and click the menu.

Red : Item you want to transfer (ingredient)
Yellow : Item you want transferred option (Result)
Blue : Required gold


You want costume item, "King Wu White Helmet" option to be transfer to "Passioned Red Helm".

You must enhance King We White Helmet at least +1 to transfer it.
Next, you locate each item in correct place.

Click the arrow to transfer the option to item, "Passioned Red Helm".


※ Note! 
-  All the ingredients need to be enhanced at least +1 to transfer.
-  Failed transfer, costume items(ingredient & result) will remain but gold will be consumed.
-  Succeed transfer, costume item(ingredient) and gold will be consumed.
-  All parts of costume could be transferred.
-  Status(Male/Female) of the item does not have to be same to transfer.
-  Succeed transfer, only enhancement level & socket will be transferred.
-  Soul Transfer Art system does not transfer item stats except enhancement level & socket.
-  In some cases, legend socket effects do not transfer.

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