511 [Hero Guide] Item Enhancement(Normal)
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We will introduce the [Item(Weapon/Armor) Enhancement System] information for your happy journey.

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Item(Weapon/Armor) Enhancement

1. Item Enhancement Introduce

In the Hero Plus, even if you have low-grade items, they can be transformed
into powerful weapons through the enhancement system.

There is no need to be disappointed if you haven't obtained rare items.

By acquiring enhancement stones, your items can evolve into good ones.

Enhancement is possible from level 1 to level 15, and with each level, the performance naturally improves.
Additionally, the type of enhancement stones used will also affect the performance.

Of course, you can alternate between different types of enhancement stones during the process.

2. Enhancement Procedure 

While conversing with the blacksmith Jang, select the [Enhancement] option.

Place the item you want to enhance in the item slot and put enhancement stones in the enhancement stone slot.
The number of enhancement stones affects the success probability.

You can use up to three stones, and using three stones generally increases the success rate compared to using just one.
It is essential that the enhancement stones used are of the same type.

Once you are ready, press the enhance button.

Enhancing an item requires spending in-game currency, and the cost varies depending on the enhancement level.

Enhancement is not guaranteed to 100% succeed.
It is determined by a certain probability, resulting in either success or failure.

If the enhancement fails, both the item and the enhancement stones will be destroyed, so please be cautious.

[You can observe the addition of the enhancement code to the successfully enhanced item,
indicating that it was successful with the enhancement stone.]

* Note) To prevent the failure of item enhancement, we recommend using protection items.

Additionally, to increase the enhancement success probability, you can use lucky charm items.

Enhanced items emit a different colored light at each stage, as depicted in the image above, with a yellow light indicating a successful enhancement.

*Note) certain items may not show a color change even after successful enhancement.

If you need the information regarding the enhancement guide(Discrimination item),
Please follow this link below and read it.
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