813 [Hero Guide] Frozen Mountain
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Hello, Heroes!

Finally, new darkness map “Frozen Mountain” has arrived!

Much appreciate Hero players for waiting a new map.

Frozen mountain has a new story of 12 demons and
Let's trace it together!

Furthermore, the new weapon and acc will also be released.
Let's take a look at what’s coming to Hero Plus!
# The Story

It is a mountain where fierce beasts reside.   
In particular, you must be cautious not to encounter the leader of the beasts, the Great Frozen Bear.

# New Area

Various type of the new monsters will be added in Hero Plus. (Level from 260 to 270)

Players can enter the Frozen Mountain through the NPC Phantom of the Black Moon Goddess and check the drop list below.
[Ghost/Devil/Poison Pure Gemstone Piece], [Ghost/Devil/Poison Pure Gemstone], [Prize of War mid, high, Extra-Large],   
[Great Frozen Bear Leather Pocket], [Snow Leopard Liver], [Zombie Tiger Organ], [Zombie Wolf Tooth], [Pure Gemstone Pouch],   
[Pure Gemstone(Special)], [Superior Ginseng Tea Box], [Death Dark Hawk Weapon 12 Set], [Black Moon White Armor 4 set]   

# New Monster

Frozen Area Monsters have a "Confusion/Paralysis/Poison" damage skill and possess considerable power.   
They do not allow anyone to invade their territory. If you manage to defeat them, they might grant you a special reward.

▼Frozen Mountain Monster Info

▼Frozen Mountain Item Info

# Frozen Area Special Buff

If you give one [Ghost/Devil/Poison/Toxic Dark Pure Gemstone] to NPC Vice Cult Musung,
You will receive a Purify buff effect.

= Ghost Pure Gemstone
= Devil Pure Gemstone
= Poison Pure Gemstone
= Toxic Pure Gemstone
= Refined Toxic Pure Gemstone

# How to go Frozen Mountain Black Moon

Shadow of Black Moon Goddess located in Wutai Mountain will assist you to go Black Moon Wutai Mountain.

※ Frozen Mountain Enter Condition   
After completing the quest [Lesson 8-13: Black Moon Goddess] and reaching level 255 as a Darkness hero, players can gain access to the Frozen Mountain area, guided by the NPC Phantom of the Black Moon Goddess.   

※ Regarding the Tweleve Demon's Lesson 8th Quest, currently, you can progress up to [8-8 Quest: Ghost of Woman], and after completing the update, you can proceed with the remaining [8-9 Quest: Wutai Mountain Black Moon] by talking to the NPC "Vice Cult Musung(Frozen Mountain)". 

※ [Black Moon White Armor] can be obtained through a discriminated item and cannot be obtained as a normal item.

※ Note)
     After finishing the quest lesson [8-13 Black Moon Goddess],
     you're able to enter the map "Frozen Mountain".
     (Level Darkness 255 ↑)

# 12 demons Story

The last survivors of Twelve Demon Volt...
We still follow the 12 demons's trace. 

[Twelve Demon's Quest Lesson 9]

9-1 Trace the Phantasm

9-2 Frozen Mountain

9-3 Monster of the Frozen Mountain

9-4 Black Monster

9-5 Great Frozen Bear

[Twelve Demon's Quest Lesson 8]

8-1 Sign

8-2 Tragedy
8-3 Sign of Disaster

8-4 Investigate Wutai Mountain

8-5 Cursed the temple

8-6 Ghost of Warrior

8-7 Trace dark secret

8-8 Ghost of Blood BlackDemon

8-9 Ghost of Woman

8-10 Wutai Mountain Black Moon

8-11 Black Moon's Energy

8-12 Mr.Mook 
8-13 Black Moon Goddess

※ Note)
     After finishing the quest lesson 8-9 Ghost of Woman,
     you're able to enter the map "Wutai Mountain Black Moon".

[Twelve Demon's Quest, Lesson 7]

7-1 Trace
Start NPC: Yuhwa in Xian
Volcano House Member Miryoung knows that Volcano House's story.
After meeting Miryong and Let's find Gaebang House Sukchul in Volcano.

7-2 Awkward Beggar

7-3 Another Request

7-4 Crisis of Volcano House

7-5 Request for Assistance

7-6 Hong-mu
7-7 Escaped Renegade

7-8 Go to Sowa Mountain

7-9 Remove Lady Corpse

7-10 Emergency Treatment

7-11 Defeat Hungry Ogre

7-12 Contact

7-13 8 tigrams amulet

7-14 Re-union

7-15 Small wish

7-16  Great Dragon Temple

7-17 Interest

7-18 Recover

7-19 Trust

7-20 Elder

7-21 Sign


※ Note)
     After finishing the quest lesson 7,
     you're able to enter the map "Great Dragon Temple(Cursed Temple)".

※ Note)
At least level 201 player can start 12 demons's quest Lesson 7.

# Armor and Weapon

▼Frozen Mountain Weapon Info
   (Death Dark Hwak Weapon)

▼Frozen Mountain Armor Info
   (Black Moon White Armor)

※ Note)

  [Black Moon White Armor] can be obtained through a discriminated item and cannot be obtained as a normal item.


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