521 [Hero Guide] Clan name re-using and Clan Master re-switching
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We will introduce the [Clan name re-using and Clan Master re-switching] information for your happy journey.
This will take effect from March 30th, 2023 onwards.

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Clan name re-using

Interact with the NPC :  House Manager Yeo

After being deleted, the clan name will become available for use again after 15 days.
The deletion of clan logs will occur daily at 4:00 a.m (PDT, Hero server time).

Clan Master re-switching

If a clan does not have a Master(leader), the responsibility of becoming the new master will be given to a member based on their rank within the clan. In the case where multiple members hold the same rank, the clan master will be determined by the most recent activity of the members. The purpose of this new system is to ensure that all clan members are given a chance to lead and prevent any groups from being neglected.

This process will occure after the Clan Master character has been deleted for 30 days.
This process will occur on a daily basis at 4:00 a.m. (PDT, Hero server time).

If you need other information, please follow this link below.

2023ver Hero Guide Book

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