649 [Hero Guide] Fierce Skill (Fierce Flame/Fierce Blue Flame/Fierce Shield)
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[Fierce Skill]
: Fierce Flame/Fierce Blue Flame/Fierce Shield
: You can buy it from NPC Bookstore Clerk Seo.

▲From left, Fierce Flame, Fierce Blue Flame, Firece Shield

[Fierce Flame]
: Casting the explosive art will deal significant damage
  to multiple enemies around the caster, with the amount
  of damage proportional to the character's stats.

Lowest Lv:  Damage(almost 10) * Lv 
Lower Lv:   Damage(almost 30) * Lv 
Middle Lv:  Damage(almost 60) * Lv 
Upper Lv:   Damage(almost 90) * Lv 

[Fierce Blue Flame]
: You forcibly summon the enemies (up to 10)
around you to your location.

Lowest Lv:  Applied range: 16m 
Lower Lv:   Applied range: 19m 
Middle Lv:  Applied range: 21m 
Upper Lv:   Applied range: 24m 

[Fierce Shield]
: For a certain period of time,
  the character becomes invulnerable (ignores damage).

Lowest Lv:  Applied time(No damage) : 11sec 
Lower Lv:   Applied time(No damage) : 14sec 
Middle Lv:  Applied time(No damage) : 17sec 
Upper Lv:   Applied time(No damage) : 21sec 

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