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[The Rare Arts Book]

The Rare Arts Book - The Beginning
Start NPC: Linen Shop Nam (Crystal Summit)
Level: Non-divine 82
Quest: Gather Snow Leopard's Tooth, Great Swift Snow Leopard's Leather

The Rare Arts Book - Gathering Information
Start NPC: Linen Shop Nam (Crystal Summit)
Level: Non-divine 82
Quest: Gather Snow Wolf's Claw, Great Snow Wolf's Head

The Rare Arts Book - Inquiry
Start NPC: Blacksmith Kang (Crystal Summit)
Level: Non-divine 82
Quest: Find NPC Outsider. (NPC Outsider will be randomly assigned.)
*Note: According to the quest script, It says this task is
very time consuming as player need to talk to over 100 NPCs.
Random NPC will receive the quest. Please try talk to them and see if still doesn't work.

The Rare Arts Book - Another Information
Start NPC: NPC Outsider (random npc)
Level: Non-divine 82
Quest: Obtain the item(s) that the NPC Outsider is requesting.
Reward: Lesson of Sky/Recovery Pill x50, Freshness Pill x50/ 3,000,000 golds

- Hunt the Great snow bear and obtain five pieces of Great Snow Bears meat.
- Other material items are in the npc's shop.

The Rare Arts Book - Preparing a Gift
Start NPC: Tavern Clerk Lynn (Crystal Summit)
Level: Non-divine 82
Quest: Gather Fire Countess' Fan
Reward: Lesson of Earth

The Rare Arts Book - The Auction
Start NPC: Tavern Clerk Lynn (Crystal Summit)
                 Guard Chojin (Crystal Summit)
Level: Non-divine 82
Quest: Gather Great Fire Countess' Blade
Reward: Recovery Pill x50, Freshness Pill x50

The Rare Arts Book - Preparing for the Battle
Start NPC: Banker Sull (Crystal Summit)
                 Central Isle Boatman (Southern Plain)
                 Tavern Clerk Jun(Venom Swamp)
Level: Non-divine 82
Quest: Gatheer Ice Crystal
Reward: Lesson of Humanity

The Rare Arts Book - Ultimate Truth
Start NPC: Guard Mah (Crystal Summit)
                 Black Smith Kang (Crystam Summit)
Level: Non-divine 82
Quest: Composite 'Lesson of Sky/Earth/Humanity'

▲From left, Lesson of Humanity, Lesson of Earth, Lesson of Sky

▲Rare Document:
   Obtain 'rare document' from the monster which is located in crystal summit.

: You will get the book of Universe(not signed).
Right-click to obtain the book of Universe(Signed).
However, there is a high probability of receiving a fake book of the Universe(Signed).
If this happens, you should create a book of Universe(Not signed) again.

Common Weapon
> Fist & staff
> Dual Sword and Dual Rod
> Spear & Rod
> Blade & Sword

Character Specified Weapon
> Fist & staff
> Pentachord
> Axe
> Throwing Weapon
> Claw
> Bow

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