914 [Hero Guide] Wind/Water/Fire Effect
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These three(Water/Wind/Fire) elements gives different amount of damage depending on the opponent stats.

1. Water/Wind/Fire stats affect damage in PVP mode.

2. Players can be all in one stat or spread stats out, since each stat is limited players will not be able to max all stats. (Only Water 9/ Wind 0/Fire 0) or ( Water 3/Wind 3/Fire 3)

3. If each players has maximum stat of different element, they gives maximum amount of damage to each other.

For example, if your character has 9 stats of Water and the other player has 9 stats of Fire, then your character gets maximum amount of damage with Fire and the other player gets maximum amount of damage with Water.

If player who want to deal more damage to the opponent, then player need more element stat than the opponent has.

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