1160 [Hero Guide] Twelve Demon's Quest, Lesson 6~7~8
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[Twelve Demon's Quest, Lesson 6]

6-1 To the House Jegal
 Start NPC: Yuchun in Kunlun

6-2 House Jegal Blockade

6-3 Suppressing of Toryan House 

6-4 Back to Yuchun 

6-5 Returning to House Jegal 

6-6 To the Sega 

6-6 Missive 

6-7 World in Crisis
Defeat the One of twelve demon Blood BlackDemon Yang.
He is located in Mt. Hwang(Mountain Hwang).

Note) Required level: 200(Divine 10dan) & 100% Exp state.

[Darkness Quest]

- Completed 12 demons story (lesson6) Quest

Meet the Wise Moon
 Start NPC: Wise Moon in Twan valley

Initiating the Arts 1

Initiating the Arts 2 

Initiating the Arts 3

Initiating the Arts 4

Initiating the Arts 5

Initiating the Arts 6

To the hight level
: Reward item "WISE MOON GIFT" will help you to be Darkness Class.

[Twelve Demon's Quest, Lesson 7]

- Darkness Class
- 4th Job State
- Completed 12 demons story (lesson6) Quest

7-1 Trace
Start NPC: Yuhwa in Xian

Volcano House Member Miryoung knows that Volcano House's story.

After meeting Miryong and Let's find Gaebang House Sukchul in Volcano.

7-2 Awkward Beggar

7-3 Another Request

7-4 Crisis of Volcano House

7-5 Request for Assistance

7-6 Hong-mu

7-7 Escaped Renegade

7-8 Go to Sowa Mountain

7-9 Remove Lady Corpse

7-10 Emergency Treatment

7-11 Defeat Hungry Ogre

7-12 Contact

7-13 8 tigrams amulet

7-14 Re-union

7-15 Small wish

7-16  Great Dragon Temple

7-17 Interest

7-18 Recover

7-19 Trust

7-20 Elder

7-21 Sign

7-22 Tragedy

※ Note)
     After finishing the quest lesson 7,
     you're able to enter the map "Great Dragon Temple(Cursed Temple)".

[Twelve Demon's Quest, Lesson 8]

8-1 Sign

8-2 Tragedy

8-3 Sign of Disaster

8-4 Investigate Wutai Mountain

8-5 Cursed the temple

8-6 Chost of Warrior

8-7 Trace dark secret

8-8 Ghost of Blood BlackDemon

8-9 Ghos of Woman


At least level 201 player can start 12 demons's quest Lesson 7.

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