1823 [Hero Guide] Buff Altar
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 □ About the housing system

   - New buff altar is available to be put down within the house.
└ The buff altar has 5 different categories and types. "Normal , Advanced , Rare , Legendary , Advanced" 

▼Buff Altar Info

□ Buff criterias
- After placing the buff alter in your housing. Clicking hte object will allow you to receive the buff. 
└ Same buffs from the alatar cannot be stacked.
└ Different Altar buffs will stack
└ Buff will still remain after dying.
└ Buff will dissapear if you destroy or retrieve the buff altar.

□ Upgrading your buffs (This System will be udpated on Sep, 02rd, 2021) 
 - You can upgrade your altar buff with the Chi Craftsman.
└ If succesful in upgrading your altar. You will receive a buff altar 1 tier higher.
└ If failed you will receive the altar you tried to upgrade. .
└ To upgrade you need three of the altar of the same tier & gold
└ Normal:1 Million Gold , Advcaned:10 Million Gold , Rare:50 Million Gold , Legendary: 1B 50 Million

▼ Upgrade UI

Three Advcanced Tier Altar * (Different types doesnt matter only the tier )  
Upgrading failed = Random advncaned silk ingrediant box /
 If success you will receive a Rare silk ingredient box.