1486 [Hero Guide] Resting Points Info (with housing system)
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▶ Hosing Resting Points System

     - Your resting points will be decreased if a monster is slayed. 
        (1 resting point - 1 monster)
        and you can receive additional exp increase effect with the resting points.
    ※ You can't receive a resting effect when your resting points down to 0 points.
    ※ Resting points effect are applied to a compound interest way.
    -  Resting points is recovered Max 5% at 30-mins intervals
       (Start from you log-out the character.)
    ※ You can recover resting points with the Pine Needless Tea/Acanthopanax Tea item.
        (Able to make Pine Needless Tea/Acanthopanax Tea with the Fire Place.

   ※ Resting Points is not recovered when the maintenance is on.
     ※ When you arrange several same types of furniture in the house,
          Only very high-level Furniture's Rest Points can be adapted.

▼ Resting Points UI on the Furniture & House

▼ Total Resting Points UI

  [Resting Points Information]