1928 [Hero Guide] Adventure System
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■ What is an adventurer?

- Inside your house, talk to the NPC Tae regarding your hiring of your adventurer.
    You will be able to receive [Furniture crafiting ingredients ] / [ Different Seeds] / [ Treasure ] 

▶ How to use

1) Within you housing talk to NPC Tae. If you click you can hire the needed adventurer for this quest.

2) Use a certain amount of gold within a selected amount of time. When the advetnturer finishes his quest. You will be able to retrieve the things.

 * Each adventurer can receive different items

* You can see what they can retrieve

Ex) Xiba has 4 different items available to retrieve. However shown has more probability
on obtainting collecting seeds and wood .

Ex) Sin ji will only be able to retrieve treasure / gold .

If an adventurer goes on a quest / adventure. It will be labled.

* You can hire two adventurers . To hire more than 3 you need to purchase a "Adventurer-Add-On Coupon".
(Adventure-Add-On Coupon)

*Maximum 5 at a time.

* Currently the coupon is not for sale. It will be notified and will be sold. Please check the updating notice.

3) You can retrieve and cancel your adventurer.

※ Cancelling or retreiving your adnveturer before completion will lead to status
of not being able to retrieve your item and increase of adventurer rate.

4) You can check the status within your adventurer menu. You can check
when the quest will be over at the
Time Left shown above.

When the time is over you can retrieve the wanted items through the [Retrieve] button.

5) These are the things the adventurer can retrive.


- Wood : Wood affliated crafting and ingredients.

- Silk : Silk / Fabrice affliated crafting and ingredients.

- Seed / Harvesting : Farming / Seed affliated crafting and ingredients.

- Treasure / Gold : Antiques / Furniture Blueprints [Bamboo Pole] ( Ordinary / Fancy) / Holy Gineseng obtainable 

*  If you place your blueprints / Bamboo poles within the house. You will be able to craft furniture with the needed ingredients by talking to NPC Mi-woo. Clicking on the [ Create Furniture ] Menu.

※ Adventurer can retrieve blueprints and bamboo poles. Right clicking onto bamboo poles will randomly give you either a advanced / basic furtniture blue print.

* Planting seeds within your house will allow you to create foods within your NPC.

* Antiques can be sold within the NPC to retrieve certain amount of gold.

* You can also obtain items [Soul Stone 1kyu Charm of Luck] and [Advanced Soul Stone Box] for enhancing discrimination items.