2130 [Hero Guide] Housing System
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 □ Housing System

Housing is a system in which you can create and design your own house using a bit of gold in the game.
You are able to decorate, manage and redesign the interior of the house. You are able to put portals, farms and buff altars with ingredient you earn and use it in various ways to hang out within in-game and help you in game.

The fun of re-docarating your house and excelling with different furnitures will make the housing system a lot more fun. The housing will help you throughout the game as it will give you buys within in game and also give you mini-adventure like things such as “adventurer”, harvesting and battle related things that may excel your experience in Hero Plus.
- You are able to build in the village area only. You are able to do this by talking it to the tavern NPC.
- You are only available of one house per server
- Housing, farming and furtnitures are only able to be placed within the green guidelines place. Rotation is not available for furnitures.
- After creating a house. You are obligated on paying taxes. If you are delayed within your taxes your house will be taken away and destroyed.
- Furniture and harvesting plants will be rewarded the rarer or the higher quality of the object you place or farm . 

☞How to create your house?

1) DC castle/Chaos, order street/ Xian Tavern NPc will allow you to go to the residential/village area.
*The portal in village / Residential Area will allow you to teleport to other places.

2) At the rally point of the village or residential area. NPC Mi-woo and Tae.
NPC Mi-woo is used to buy houses, create furniture and upgrade furniture.

3) You are able to buy three different types of houses by NPC Mi-Woo 
* Basic seeds such as Liquorice seed / Potato seed is available however others can be earned by sending your adventurer on a quest.

1) After purchasing your house from Mi-Woo. You can place your house in the location available next pressing M to show available slots
Right click on your housing and left click it on the area you please to place it.
*There are three different themes to the housing. Chinese / Indian / European.
Each have a different style within the interior design of it.

*Only 1 housing per server.
*Housing is available for only 7 dan 5 kyu.
*After clicking you can rotate it with your mouse wheel. Then placing it on the green spots andclicking it will place it.
*To cancel placement press esc.

2) Your placed house and areas allowed to place can be checked in your map. Open by pressing M
* Character selection menu will show which character has created and built the house.

3) If you right click the built house you can see the automated destruction date. Monster killed. Exp earned / Status of tax and private and public option.
> Built Housing can be retrieved
* The housing will be deleted if the retrieved
> Other players can enter your house.
> Built house shall be remained built if the taxes are payed.

※ After one week of being built, pay taxes option will be added.  
※ Character that join your house are only allowed to enter. No interaction Is possible.
 * Character selection menu will indicate how long left till tax should be payed.
  ※ If you don’t pay taxes for more than three weeks your housing will be deleted.
   └ Furniture and NPC and objects within will be deleted also.
  ※ Automated deconstruction shall not be retrieved by NPC or the system..
  └ If AFK for a long time please store your things in your inventory or bank.
  ※ You cannot delete a character if the house is not deleted.
  ※ Soul transfers will not be able to move houses.
Ex) A player soul transfer to B Player. Housing will still remain to player A.

☞ Making your Furniture(Mi-woo)

※Note) If you click 'Retrieve' buton, Mi-woo contract Npc will be discarded.

☞ Making a tranditional food (Jang Geum)

Make a tranditional Food with NPC Jang Geum.

※Note) If you click 'Retrieve' buton, Jang Geum contract Npc will be discarded.

☞ Gardning System

Players can plant the various type of plants and harvest it.
Every House has a gardening area then, you can enjoy the gardening system.

You can buy seed from NPC or get it through the Adventure system.

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