1365 [Hero Guide] New Darkness map, Wutai Mountain
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Hello, Heroes!

Finally, new darkness map “Wutai Mountain” has arrived!

Much appreciate Hero players for waiting a new map.

Watai Mountain has a new story of 12 demons and
Let's trace it together!

Furthermore, the new weapon and acc will also be released.
Let's take a look at what’s coming to Hero Plus!
# The Story

Wutai Mountain's spirits and aura have brought peace to the spritual beings.
The cosmetics within the mountain dedicates the bless everyone and the gods.
However recently a quarrel have began with the 12 demons.

Who successfully detect the clue for Wutai Mountain only enter Great Dragon Temple(Cursed Temple).

# New Monster

Various type of the new soul monsters will be added in Hero Plus. (Level from 240 to 245)

▲ From left, <Crazed Soul>, <Phatom Demon>

# Weapon and Armor

The item which has wutai's sprit and aura will be added.


There are Two types of weapons.

- Holy Weapon(Wu)
  Monster's in Wutai Mountain will drop material items to craft a new weapon
  'Relic: Holy Weapon' materials are dropped in Wutai Mountain.
   Total of thirteen different types of material items will be dropped.
   *Non-tradable/Non-storage/Non-wearable item.

- Musang Weapon
  Collect your materials and craft it with NPC Biryu in Xian.
  You are able to obtain Musang Weapon through [Musang Weapon Crafting] Menu.

※How to creat a Musang Weapon
NPC: Xian Biryu

▶ Smelted Bars can be obtained either in the Volcano zones or
    collected with fragments.
    This can be crafted by Biryu NPC in Xian


▲ From left,<Phantasm Bracelet>, <Phantasm Earring>, <Phantasm Necklace>, <Phantasm Ring>  

# 12 demons Story
The last survivors of Twelve Demon Volt...
We still follow the 12 demons's trace. 

[Twelve Demon's Quest, Lesson 7]

7-1 Trace
Start NPC: Yuhwa in Xian
Volcano House Member Miryoung knows that Volcano House's story.
After meeting Miryong and Let's find Gaebang House Sukchul in Volcano.

7-2 Awkward Beggar

7-3 Another Request

7-4 Crisis of Volcano House

7-5 Request for Assistance

7-6 Hong-mu
7-7 Escaped Renegade

7-8 Go to Sowa Mountain

7-9 Remove Lady Corpse

7-10 Emergency Treatment

7-11 Defeat Hungry Ogre

7-12 Contact

7-13 8 tigrams amulet

7-14 Re-union

7-15 Small wish

7-16  Great Dragon Temple

7-17 Interest

7-18 Recover

7-19 Trust

7-20 Elder

7-21 Sign


※ Note)
     After finishing the quest lesson 7,
     you're able to enter the map "Great Dragon Temple(Cursed Temple)".

[Twelve Demon's Quest Lesson 8]

8-1 Sign

8-2 Tragedy
8-3 Sign of Disaster

8-4 Investigate Wutai Mountain

8-5 Cursed the temple

8-6 Ghost of Warrior

8-7 Trace dark secret

8-8 Ghost of Blood BlackDemon

8-9 Ghost of Woman


At least level 201 player can start 12 demons's quest Lesson 7.


Hero Team