5269 [Hero Guide] 1st, 2nd job
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Dear Heroes,
Hero Guide will help you make your journey more efficiently.

How to get a 1st job?

Lv. 1Dan 0Kyu Players will be able to get a job from NPC
- Assassin Trainer Bing (Mercenary, 1st job)
   - Hunter Trainer Han (Hunter, 1st job)
   - Warrior Trainer General Hwang (Fighter, 1st job)
   - Physician Trainer Bong (Healer, 1st job)

How to get a 2nd job?

Lv. 5Dan 0Kyu Players will be able to get a job from NPC_House Manager Yeo.

1) Receive a quest 'Second Job Promotion' From the NPC House Manager Yeo.
2) After finishing this quest, you will get a 'Secondary Promotional Approval Tablet'
 3) Bring this Tablet, and to go to find the NPC
   - Assassin Trainer Bing (Slayer, Shinobi)
   - Hunter Trainer Han (Elite Dedic, Elite Hunter)
   - Warrior Trainer General Hwang (Warrior, Champion)
   - Physician Trainer Bong (Surgeon, Medic)
    Fianally, you will get a 2nd job.

How to Reset your job state?

If you use an item 'Transformation Paper', your job state will be
changed to 'No Job State'.

Fighter (1st) → Warrior, Champion (2nd) → Warlord (3rd) -> God of War(4th)
Hunter (1st) → Elite Dedic, Elite Hunter (2nd) → BeastLord (3rd) -> God of Death(4th)
Mercenary (1st) → Slayer,  Shinobi (2nd) → ShadowLord (3rd)
Healer (1st) → Surgeon, Medic (2nd) → HolyHand (3rd) -> God of Blade(4th)

*Other informtiaon
Link > Darkness Profession(Darkness job, 3rd/4th job)

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