3105 Maintenance 02/19/2020
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We will be performing maintenance at 22:00 PM (PDT) on 02/19.
We expect this maintenance to last about 2~3 hours.

Kindly find detailed information below.
Downtime: Feb 19, 22:00 PM - Feb 20, 00:00 AM (PDT)


1. [New]Non-PvP/PvP Area

Thank you for your patience!

Fianally, Non-PvP/PvP area will be updated soon.

Hero Plus Online will update new patch to bring
our players joy and happiness.

a. Map Name

b. PvP Area

*The Drop Rate&EXP Rate of the PVP area is higher than Non-PVP area.

Dragon Castle (Non PVP)
Highlands (Non PVP)
Venom Swamp (Non PVP)
Cave of Ruin (Non PVP)
Spirit Spire (Non PVP)
Great Mine (Non PVP)
Southern Plains (Non PVP)
Bamboo Mountain (Non PVP)
Stone Valley (Non PVP)
Central Isle (Non PVP)
Silent Valley (Non PVP)
Mudo Island (Non PVP)
Crimson Sky (Non PVP)
Order District (Non PVP)
Chaospa District (Non PVP)
Crystal Summit (Non PVP)
Tranquil Vale (Non PVP)
Deserted_Temple (Non PVP)
Red Dragon's Lair (Non PVP)

Bandit Camp (PVP)
The Rock (PVP)

Soft Shoulder (Non PVP)
StreamFlow (Non PVP)
Dime Desert (Non PVP)
Mt.Celestial DownStairs1 (Non PVP)
Mt.Celestial UpStairs1 (Non PVP)

Suh-Nyung 1 (PVP)
Tiger Castle (PVP)

Kunlun Mountain (Non PVP)

Dream Valley (PVP)
AnHee Hab_Bi (PVP)
Mt. Hwang  (Non PVP)
Twan valley _1 (Non PVP)
Twan valley _2 (Non PVP)

River Hwang (Non PVP)
River Hwang (PVP)

Yangtze River(Non PVP)
Xian (Non PVP)

The Volcano (Non PVP)
The Volcano (PVP)

Sowa Mountain (Non PVP)
Sowa Mountain (PVP)

WuTai Mountain (PVP)
JongNam Mountain (PVP)

Millenary Tree Forest-S.1 (Non PVP)
Millenary Tree Forest-N.1 (Non PVP)
Millenary Tree Forest-S.2 (Non PVP)
Millenary Tree Forest-N.2 (Non PVP)

Yangtze River 2 (PVP)

King Aura valley_Deserted Temple (PVP)
King Aura valley_Crystal Summit (PVP)
King Aura valley_R Dragon's Lair (PVP)
King Aura valley_Dime Desert (PVP)
King Aura valley_Mt.DownStairs (PVP)
King Aura valley_Suh-Nyung (PVP)
King Aura valley_Dream Valley (PVP)

SaWangCheon (PVP)
SaWangCheon (PVP)
SaWangCheon2 (PVP)

Mt.Celestial DownStairs2 (Non PVP)
Mt.Celestial UpStairs2 (Non PVP)

Suh-Nyung 2 (PVP)
Desert Combat Base (PVP)
Desert Outpost Base (PVP)
RaSa Plateau (PVP)
Desert Outpost(Divine) (PVP)
RaSa Plateau(Divine) (PVP)

Dark Night Crystal Summit (PVP)
Dark Night Deserted Temple (PVP)
Dark Night R Dragon's Lair (PVP)
Dark Night Tiger Castle (PVP)
Dark Night Soft Shoulder (PVP)
Dark Night StreamFlow (PVP)
Dark Night Dime Desert (PVP)
Dark Night Mt.Celestial (PVP)
Dark Night Kunluns (PVP)
Dark Night Dream Valley (PVP)
Dark Night Hab_Bi (PVP)

Chaos_Deserted Temple (Non PVP)
Chaos_R Dragon's Lair (Non PVP)
Chaos_Mt.DownStairs (Non PVP)
Chaos_Mt.UpStairs (Non PVP)
Chaos_Suh-Nyung (Non PVP)
Chaos_Kunluns (Non PVP)
Chaos_Dream Valley (Non PVP)

DeathKing_Deserted Temple (Non PVP)
DeathKing_R Dragon's Lair (Non PVP)
DeathKing_Mt.DownStairs (Non PVP)
DeathKing_Mt.UpStairs (Non PVP)
DeathKing_Suh-Nyung (Non PVP)
DeathKing_Kunluns (Non PVP)
DeathKing_Dream Valley (Non PVP)
DeathKing_Volcano (Non PVP)
DeathKing_Sowa Mountains (Non PVP)

Deserted Temple (Non PVP)
Mt.Celestial DownStairs (Non PVP)
Mt.Celestial UpStairs (Non PVP)
Endless_Deserted Temple (Non PVP)
Endless_Mt.DownStairs (Non PVP)
Endless_Mt.UpStairs (Non PVP)
River Hwang (Non PVP)
Endless_River Hwang  (Non PVP)
Endless_Yellow River(Legend) (Non PVP)

Diamond Castle War (WAR)
First Mine(PVP)
Second Tunnel (PVP)
Second Mine (PVP)
Third Tunnel (PVP)
Third Mine (PVP)

Marketplace (Non PVP)

c. King Aura Valley
*The name of Geuk Kang Surapkkok will be
  changed to "King Aura Valley".

d. DeathKing Castle
* The name of Pawang Castle will be changed to "DeathKing Castle".
* Deathking Entry Ticket

e. Chaos Castle

* The name of Manggok Castle will be changed to "Chaos Castle".
* Pandemonium Entry Ticket -> Chaos Castle Ticket.

f. Non-PvP/PvP Area
* River Hwang (N-PvP)/(PvP)
* The Volcano (N-PvP)/(PvP)
* Sowa Mountain (N-PvP)/(PvP)
* You can enter the PvP area through the NPC

2. [New]Purple Box Event!

a. [Daily] Catch an Underground Rat!

There will be an "Underground Rat" on some maps.
Players can receive "Purple Box" after catching the event monster.

- Period: 02/20 ~ 03/05, 2 weeks
- Mission: Get a Purple Box by hunting event monsters.
               (Quest is available to all players.)
- Respown time: 7 hours
- Reward: Purple Box


* Where is an Undergrond Rat?

  Dragon Castle
  Venom Swamp
  Spirit Spire
  Southern Plains
  Bamboo Mountain
  Stone Valley
  Silent Valley
  Mudo Island
  Crimson Sky
  Crystal Summit
  Tranquil Vale
  Red Dragon's Lair
  Soft Shoulder
  Dime Desert
  Mt.Celestial DownStairs1
  Mt.Celestial UpStairs1
  Suh-Nyung 1
  Tiger Castle
  Kunlun Mountain
  Dream Valley
  AnHee Hab_Bi
  Mt. Hwang(Hwang Mountain)
  River Hwang 
  Yangtze River
  The Volcano
  Sowa Mountain
  River Hwang (PVP)
  The Volcano (PVP)
Sowa Mountain (PVP)
  King Aura valley_Deserted Temple
  King Aura valley_R Dragon's Lair
  King Aura valley_Mt.DownStairs
  King Aura valley_Dream Valley
  Mt.Celestial DownStairs2
  Mt.Celestial UpStairs2
  Suh-Nyung 2
  Desert Combat Base
  Desert Outpost Base
  RaSa Plateau
  Desert Outpost(Divine)
  RaSa Plateau(Divine)
  Chaos_Deserted Temple
  Chaos_R Dragon's Lair
  Chaos_Dream Valley
  DeathKing_Deserted Temple
  DeathKing_R Dragon's Lair
  DeathKing_Dream Valley

 - Rewards(Purple rewards) will be deleted after 4/02 maintenance.

b. [Daily] Purple Ticket

Players will get a Purple Ticket every 2 hour of
game play then can exchange Purple Box through NPC_Mae.

- Period: 2/20 ~ 3/05, 2weeks
- Mission: Players will get a Purple Ticket every 2 hours of game play.
- NPC: Event Manager Mae
- Reward: Receive 1 Purple Ticket every 2 hours online.
  Purple Box = Purple Ticket (x 80)
- Players will not be able to receive a Purple Ticket if they are
  not connected to the game.
- Purple Ticket will be deleted after 3/05 maintenance.
- Purple Box rewards will be deleted after 04/02 maintenance.

2. Premium Shop Update


Blazing Armor Of Kin (02/20~05/14, 3months)

3. Notice for Next Update

- HT Sky King Chest (Season2)
  : Lunatic, Junjou, Jiguk, Damun Sky King Chest


Hero Team