2337 [HT] Premium Shop Update
Writer GM SSL

Dear Hero Community!

New items will be updated to HT(Premium Shop).

Premium Item Update

- FireStome Potion 

- FireStome Potion(10 Bundles) 

- Super Revitalize Pill (12/23~12/31)

- Super Revitalize Pill(10 Bundles) (12/23~12/31)

- Socket Gem Box (12/23/~12/31)
  *Players receive 1 random socket gem by opening the box.
   (Endurance Socket Gem
   Knowledge Socket Gem
   Sky Lord Socket Gem)

- Socket Revision (12/23/~12/31)

- Junjou Sky King Chest (~12/31)

Deathking Castle Entry Ticket
  Jade Holy Water(Armor)
  Shout Arts Box
  Phoenix`s Feather
  Esoteric Pill(110 Bundles)
  Hero Power Potion
  Miracle Shenronian Pouch
  Large Book of Arts Exchange (Reset All Artss)
  Black Turtle Guardian
  Cat Face Charm
  Super Revitalize Pill Chest(2)
  Cat Charm
  Advanced 5 Elements Chest
  Socket Miled Stone(+3)

*How to use "Socket Gem"?

  1) Endurance Socket Gem
   "Endurance Socket Gem" will assist you keep 1 socket effect when you upgrade socket.
  2) Knowledge Socket Gem
   "Knowledge Socket Gem" will assist you keep 2 socket effects when you upgrade socket.

  3) Sky Lord Socket Gem
   "Sky Lord Socket Gem" will assist you keep 3 socket effects when you upgrade socket.

*How to use "Socket Revision"?
  "Socket Revision" will assist you restore(re-change) previous socket effect.