1491 Grand Opening, Diamond Castle War
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Dear Hero Community!

We thank you for being patient for the Diamond Castle War( The clan war),
and we are pround to present more details about "Diamond Castle War".

We hope that this can be the opportunity to introduce more about Diamond castle.

a. How to get into the Diamond Castle map?
press the key "G" and click to button "Move to D.W".

. What is the Diamond Castle War?

1) 24/7 War, The Diamond Castle.
   * You have a narrow view of things in the diamond castle, and there is the darkness background.
   * Take 5 castle for your clan.

2) Each clan can only take one castle.
■ How to take a castle:
     Catch a gate guard on each castle. -> Broke a Stone -> Broke a Guardian Statue
* If you do not hunt the gate guard, you do not damage on the castle gate. 
    So, you should hunt the gate guard first.
  * The castle gate guards are located in East, West, South and North side. 
     If you hunt at least one of gate guard, there is the damage on the castle gate.

  * There is no damage on the guardian statue before destroying a stone on the castle.
※ There are 5 stones on the castle. You can do damage on the guardian statue after destroying at least one stone.
※ Castle gate / Stone cannot recover HP.
   ※ Gate guard / guardian statue can recover HP.
   ※ When you attact the Castle Gate / Stone / Guardian Statue, 
       the ATK is allowed damage value by setting on the diamond castle war, not your character's ATK.
       Ex) Damage Value by setting on the diamond castle war : Normal Attack 50 / Arts Attack 100
※ When you attack the gate guard, the gate guard will receive the damage by your character's ATK.

3) In order to get a benefit after taking a castle, you should pay for it.
  *You can buy [Diamond Benefit] at NPC_Stone on the castle map.
   ※ you can buy [Diamond Benefit] with golds
   ※ Member of the clan can buy Diamond Effect at your clan's castle.
   ※ You cannot buy Diamond Benefit again before [Diamond Benefit] Expiration Time
  * The type of [Diamond Benefit] is existing in different effect.
  * You cannot buy same [Diamond Effect] from another castle when you alread have it.
  * If you buy [Diamond Benefit], the Diamond Benefit Buff will apply to all clan members
   ※ One Clan can receive maximum 5 Diamond Benefit Buff.
   ※ If another clan takes your clan's castle, Diamond Benefit Buff will be removed.

[2 Castle Gate Guard and Castle Gate]

[Castle guard,Castle Stone and Castle Guardian Statue]

4) Diamond Benefit Buff

- Exp: Exp will be increasing.
- Item Drop Rate: Item Drop Rate will be increasing.
- Item enhanced probability: Success rate of enhance will be increasing.
- Composition& Advanced Enchant: Enchant/Advanced Enchant will be increasing.
- Socket Cost: the cost of socket enhancing will be decreasing.

[Diamond Benefit Buff]
(*Diamond Benefit Buff will be applying on you and your all clan member.)

These are the signs of our time, heroes!

Hero Team