5585 [Hero Guide] New system, Discrimination
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Dear Heroes,

We will introduce our new system "Discrimination" in more details.

We hope it will be help for heroes.

▶ What is the “Discrimination” system?
- You will get discrimination item after discriminating question mark items.
  The discrimination item is consist of 3 different grades (Advanced, Rare, Legend).

  After finishing discriminate an item, 
  the item will be get enhanced ability and special option according to item grade.

▶ Regarding “Discrimination” system
- The “Discrimination” system will be applied on all drop items after 5/16 maintenance. 
   Thus, you can use discrimination system with question mark items.

- When you discriminate an item, the item will be getting additional option for random.
※ The item which has already crafted before 5/16 maintenance will not be applied.

▶ Item Grade
Before: Rare → Unique → Semi Unique
 After: Normal -> Advanced ->Rare -> Legend.

※ you can confirm the Item grade for checking name color of items.
└ Normal: White / Advanced: Green / Rare: Yellow / Legend: Pink

- The discriminated item will be getting additional option according to item grade.
└ +1 additional option=Advanced/
    +2 additional option =Rare/
    +3 additional option=Legend

▶ Changing existing system
- The name of “Unique, Semi Unique” item which was existing before will be changed.
   ex) Red Dragon's Ring -> Red Dragon Ring(R) 


- The Option of “Unique, Semi Unique” item which was existing remains as same state, and
   this item grade will be applied “Rare” grade.
 └ “Item Acquisition setting” on Aid system is consist of 4 type.
      (Material, Normal Weapon, Discrimination Weapon, World Item)

- You can not get Master item for enchanting 3 of same Unique item after applying discrimination system.
└ Red Dragon's Bracelet(R)*3 = Master Red Dragon's Bracelet (O)
└ [Damaged Red Dragon's Bracelet*3]
    [Red Dragon's Bracelet*3]
    [Red Dragon's Bracelet (Discrimination)*3] = Master Red Dragon's Bracelet (X)

- The crafting system is same as before. (Armor, acc…)

-The item crafting (related to Dark Black/Thunder Electric/White Dragon/Red Dragon/Eternal Sprit/Yacha) is same as before.

# If you successfully craft with exsiting item, 
  The name of crafting item will be changed to “Item_name(R)”.

# Tenacious/Strong Dark Dragon (Non-Divine), Tenacious/Strong Dark Dragon (Divine).
└ Only get from crafting system while using quired material.

▶ Discriminated item
- You can drop question mark item and this item grade will get for random.
└ Normal state of item is same as before system.

※ You can obtain 4 types of item at zone after applying discrimination system.
[Damaged item, Damaged item(discrimination), Item, Item (Discrimination)]

▲ ex) Discrimination Item

▲ Original item(Semi unique, unique) will be added the word "R"

※When you use “Aid system”, you can get discrimination item after clicking “Discrimination Weapon” menu.
└Some part of ‘Setting’ Aid system drop item has been changed.

▶ Process of Discrimination
- You can get discrimination item if you right click to question mark item.

└ The cost for discriminating have a difference by character’s level and item grade.

└ When you move to other place or do another activity, the discrimination will be canceled.

▲ Process of Discrimination UI

▲ Discrimination System Window

▲ Discrimination Effect

▶ Discrimination Option

- When you discriminate question mark item,
   you can get Advanced, Rare, Legend item.
   The Discriminated item’s MIN/MAX ATK(Weapon) and DEF(Armor) is higher than normal item.

   Plus, you can get additional effect and bonus option.

※ Normal option: The option of discrimination item (Weapon, Armor) has higher level than normal item.

※ Bonus option: You may get Bonus option if you're luckly. (The rate is very low.)

※ Additional effect: The additional option will be added by item grade.

    Advanced: +1 option 
    Rare: +2 options
    Legend: +3 options

▲ Effect difference by grade (Normal, Advanced, Rare, Legend)

▶ Enhancing Discriminated item
- After finishing discriminate question mark item, 
   you can enhance Discrimination item with the NPC Advanced Holy Water Manager.

└ Cannot use existing Enhancing Stone when you enhance discrimination item. 
    You only can use Soul Stone(Discrimination enhancing stone) 
    when the player enhances discriminated Item.

  └ If you fail to enhance discrimination item, the item and material will be removed.

※ Enhance Socket system remains as same to discriminated item.

- You can get Soul Stone(Discrimination enhancing stone) for [Free Lot, Paid Lot, Exchange with NPC, Tavern].
└ You can buy Soul Stone for NPC Legendary Snake, Legendary Poison Snake, Advanced Holy Water Manager

▲ Soul Stone Box

▲ Discrimination Enhance Box (It has 2 type of Soul Stone and Soul Stone Charm of Luck)

You have to use [Soul Stone Charm of luck] when you enhance the discrimination item.

▲ Soul Stone Chram of Luck
(you can get this item from Discrimination Enhance Box, Soul Stone Sack, event)

▲ Location of NPC_Advanced Holy Water Manager(at Dragon castle)

▲ Enhance Discrimination Window

▲ ex) Enhance Discrimination Item

▲ Soul Stone Option

▲ Soul Stone Charm of Luck (For Discrimination item)

▲ Discrimination Item Table


Best Regards,