5608 [Hero Guide] New Character, Beast is here.
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Hello, Heroes!

Finally, new character “Beast” has arrived!

Much appreciate Hero players for waiting new character.

New character ‘Beast’ is a brand-new class based on great physical strength and agility.

This new character has the ability to learn a skill
such as transforming into the shape of various animals.

Furthermore, the new map for Beast Class <The Millenary Tree Forest> will also be released.
Let's take a look at what’s coming to Hero Plus!
# The Story

The last survivors of Twelve Demon Volt…..
The story about a lonely Hero ‘The Beast’

Children who suffered from the War of the Twelve Demons ran into the Millenary Tree Forest
and saved from death by the beasts in the forest
They have strengthened up their body and agility in the forest.
With their natural physical and agility,
they have learned special ability to imitate beasts and perform the arts.

# Appearance and Features

You can create the character "Beast(M)" and "Empress(F)" without any difficulty.

New character starts their adventuring life as Tiger class and then
later switch to different types of animals.

Based on the 4 types of animals,

Beast(M) will be able to transform into “Tiger, Wolf, Hawk, Bear” and
Empress(F) will be able to transform into “Tiger, Fox, Snake, Bear”.

The Beast and Empress can perform their arts in accordance with their appearance.
The Beast character has highest stats of all character in the beginning.

For each Beast class, Beast(M) has a High HP and
Empress(F) has a High Chi in the beginning.

▲ From left, <Tiger appearance>, <Wolf appearance>, <Hawk appearance>, <Bear appearance>

▲ From left, <Tiger appearance>, <Fox appearance>, <Snake appearance>, <Bear appearance>

*Tiger appearance: Increase ATK & DEF
*Fox appearance: Attack ability is low, But Increase Critical Attack & Attack Speed
*Hack/Snake appearance: DEF is low, But Attack ability is High. Able to generate/remove Debuff & Swiftness, Hide.
*Bear appearance: Attack ability is low, But DEF & HP is high.

▲ Arts “Tiger Paws Draw”

▲ Arts “Shock Wave”

# Weapon and Armor

The Beast character's weapon and armor (1st Armor) do not change its appearance
whether the beast character changes its appearance.


There are two types of weapons.

One is the Relic which has high attack effect
but, does not have an additional attack effect.

The other one is the Energy which has an additional attack effect
but, has low attack effect.

▲ From left,<Animal bones Relic>, <Animal bones energy>, <Flying Tiger Relic>, <Flying Tiger energy> 


There are two types of armors.

One is the Fur which has high additional avoidance rate
but, has low HP effect.

The other one is the Leather which has high HP effect
but, has low additional avoidance rate.

▲ From left,<Black Cat Fur Armor>, <Tiger Leather Armor>

# New Map ‘Millenary Tree Forest’ for Beast Class

Millenary Tree Forest where there aren’t' a log of people around
due to the strange animals, plants and rugged mountain terrain as well.

There is a big tree in the center of the forest which no one knows the exact age.

There are two areas in the Millenary Tree Forest.

You can go to the Dragon castle after achieving the required level and
completing the required quests.

▲ Millenary Tree Forest

The South Forest is the place where the Beast character starts the adventure.
The monster level of the Millenary Tree Forest is 1~30.

▲ Millenary Tree Forest-South

The North Forest is an area where the Twelve Demons appeared and also the area where the battle of the Twelve Demon took place.
The monster level of the Millenary Tree Forest is 30~50.

▲ Millenary Tree Forest-North

# New Monster

24 kinds of new monsters will be added in Hero Plus. (Level from 2 to 99)

You can see the Human-type monster(Normal) and Insect-type monster
only in the 'Millenary Tree Forest' area.

▲ From left, <Three-headed Beast>, <Three-headed Dragon>, <Venom Clan Guard>

(+)The discrimination system will be notified by notice as soon as possible.


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