10481 Soul Transfer System
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Soul Tranfer System
What is soul transfer system?
Soul Transfer allows you to transfer your character data to another person, using the Soul Transfer Tablet.
Soul Transfer Tablets can be purchased in Hero Tavern.
The following character datum will be transferred.
-         Stats
-         Quest Information
-         Skills
-         Equipped items and items in Inventory
Please be careful when you are using this feature: the items in your inventory and equipment, and extended equipment (costume) window will all be transferred.
However, the Honor, Karma, Battle points and the character’s faction will not be transferred. Also, it is impossible to transfer from a lower level character to a higher level character.
Additional Information:
When this function is used, the initiator’s character will be reset to 1 Kyu (Level 1). In order to prevent players from abusing Soul Transfer System, it will not work if there is any sealed items in the inventory.
Precondition & how to use the Soul Transfer Tablet
- The initiator’s character has to secede from any house that it may be in.
  (Faction of the character does not matter.)
- The receiver’s character also has to be house-free, and inventory empty.
  (If it displays an error message and your inventory is empty, please reconnect.)
- Error messages will appear if these conditions are not met.
- The receiver may pay the initiator a fee for the transfer if he/she wishes to.

1. The initiator must have the Soul Transfer Tablet to proceed.
(In this example, Dreamstalker is the initiator, and Garseer is the receiver.)

2. Ctrl+Click on the receiver, and a window will appear like below.
Cllick “Transfer Force” to continue.
3. On the receiver’s screen, it will ask for confirmation.

If the receiver agrees, this window will appear.
4. The receiver may then use this window to review the things that will be transferred.
!! Please review again before proceeding to minimize making any mistakes.!!
The receiver, then may pay the initiator for the transfer and press ok.
5. Finally, Both will be asked to finalize the decision. If both agree, it will then “transfer” the characters.
** Everything except for the honor, karma, battle points, faction and gold will be transferred. Thereby, the receiver’s appearance may change also.**

FAQ about the Soul Transfer System
1. I’m level 11. Can I transfer my character to my friend’s level 34 character?
- No, Soul Transfer can only be done from a high level character to a low level character.
2. How many times can I do it?
- There is no limit.
3. Do both characters have to be the same sex and/or job?
- No, they don’t have to be.

4. I’m level 36. The initiator’s level is 42. If I’m the receiver, does my level become 78?
- Soul Transfer System is not for combining character information; it is for “transfering” them. Therefore your level will be the initiator’s level, 42.
5. Can time-limited items be transferred too?
- Yes.


Below is a hypothetical situation to help understand the Soul Transfer System better.

- Garuth is a Ruthless Blade (Male), Zhuang, level 70.
- Dreamstalker is a Piercing Eyes (Female), Shao, level 40.

1. Garuth is the initiator in this case.  He has to have the Soul Transfer Tablet.
2. Dreamstalker is the receiver.  He has to unequip, and empty his inventory.
3. Both characters have to secede from their houses.
4. Garuth initiates the process, Dreamstalker reviews and accepts with 100 gold.
5. Garuth becomes a Piercing Eyes (Female) and turns level 1, while faction staying the same (Zhuang), receiving 100 gold.
6. Dreamstalker becomes level 70 Ruthless Blade (Male), faction stays the same (Shao).  Garuth's previous skills, stats, quest, equips, inventory now all become Dreamstalker's.
7. However, Honor, Karma, Battle points do not change for both characters.  Also the amount of gold stays the same (Unless the receiver agreed to pay the initiator some gold.  Then the initiator will end up with the gold he/she had in the first place + the amount of gold receiver paid.)