4799 How to use the Holes planting ?
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           We have come across few players reviews that they are not able understand the full uses of holes planting and the process of how to use it. So here is your brief explanation of the Holes planting Concepts.
What is Holes planting?
                  A hole planting is a function to add socket on your weapon/armor/accessories. After the socket is added, we can add options in the socket item. By adding this item will get the extra effect like attack, defense, Skill def, extra hp/chi, etc.The specialist in doing this function is the NPC:Myung at Central Marketplace.
How to add Holes in an item?
               The NPC Myung at Central market place can create Holes in your items. This can be accomplished using the option “Create Holes planting” Option.
There are 2 ways of planting holes to the item.
1. By using only a processing fee. (Has very low chances of adding the maximum holes)
2. By using the Amplification Holes planting stone. (Has a little higher chances of adding the maximum Holes than the normal process using only the fee.)
Note: The numbers of holes planting done on both the above aspect are random.
  How to add the Option in the holes planted item?
     After creating the holes you can add option using the option “Enhance hole planting” option at the NPC Myung. For Adding the option you may require the Holes planting stone corresponding to the number of holes in the item. The extra options obtained are random.
To know what are the options that can be got using the Holes planting stone.Click here!
Note: while adding Options to the sockets make sure you use the correct number +ed stone corresponding to the number of socket in the weapon.
I have added holes but need the max holes in the item how can I do that?
                      Once one or more holes are created you cannot add some more holes to the item but using the item Holes Planting Sublimation item you can remove all the previously planted holes and option in the item and create new holes again to the same item.Once the Holes and the option are removed you have to use the Hole creating process again to create holes into the item.
Hope we had given you a brief notice explanaing the holes planting process.Enjoy the update!!!!!!
Hero Team.