5671 Golden Castle War -Want to know more?
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          As according to the latest update the golden castle war is the most wanted and most appreciated content .We hope this is all you have been wanting for!
Now it’s times for some action!!
        We had come across few of the player comments that they are not able to understand the Concept and the Rules of the Golden castle war. So here you are, we would like to present you with detailed information about the Golden castle war.
Map: Golden castle war
How to enter map: Through a tombstone (Location: 259,319) in both faction district behind the battle Coin manager.



Uses of the Golden Castle Map:
1. House Masters and the house members of the houses can capture this map for some special privileges.
2. Battle for your mining ground.
How to capture the map:
             To capture the map the house master has to destroyed two of the guard Stones which can be found in the Golden castle war map and the most number of captures done by the House will rule the golden castle map.
The two guard stone are
1. Golden castle Guard stone (Can be found inside the area which is blocked by 3 doors in the map.)
2. Golden castle carved stone (South of the center bridge).
Location of Both the Stone :
How does this war work?
     The house leaders of the faction must enter the  area and has to locate the Golden castle Guard stone which is present in the area and the house leader who destroys the guard stone will be blessed with an aura (Will of Carved Stone’) to destroy the 2nd stone called the “Golden castle carved stone”.
     The house leaders who do not possess the Will of carved stone aura are not eligible to attack or destroy the carved stone which can be found south of the Center Bridge.
     Once the Carved stone is captured the opponents faction member’s location will be reset-ted to their starting zone and they have to repeat the process of destroying the guard stones, the faction who had occupied already has to stop the other faction members from destroying the guard stones  from capturing it. This process is repeated until the battle time runs out .At last the faction who has occupied the map highest number of time will enjoy the Mining facility .But the house which had hold their position over the guard stone for the longest time will rule the map and will be able to gain the privileges at the Special NPC at Golden castle.
Note:Only the House masters will be able to damage the guard stone and destroy it .
The Benefit
         Occupation of Golden Castle - You can get many minerals in Golden Castle.
a) The possibility of mine increases, and you can get the Holes Planting Gemstone(can be appraised for Hole planting option stone +1~+5 stone randomly) .
b) You can buy the low level Minerals from the Golden castle  keeper.
c) You can exchange some minerals for Holes Planting Stone (Can randomly obtains +1 to +5 Holes Planting Option Stone) with Golden castle keeper.
d) The keeper will give 10L Gold to the House Master who had occupied the map only once.
Losing faction:
       They can just collect small amount of minerals outside the gates.
1. If the house master who holds the “Will of Carved stone” dies/killed, the Guard Stone will be summoned again in next 5 mins.
2.The characters will be stable for a short amount time after destroying the “carved Stone”.
      After the last 5 mins times of the war The Legend Warriors of the Hero online will bless 2 random warriors of each faction with the “Ache Buff” (This buff has the Effect to increase the HP/Damage/Defense by 2 times for one kill).Once the Ache buffed character kills another faction character the buff disappears .The duration of the buff until a player is killed is 5 mins.
To Give you a preview of the war we will conducting trails wars for this whole week Till Friday.
DAY OF GOLDEN CASTLE WAR:Every day(Starting from Tuesday)
TIME : Start at 4:30 AM PST.
Hero Team.