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Game Client Download

  • Hero Client Download

Microsoft DirectX Download

More than Microsoft DirectX should be installed

DIRECT X Necesitas DIRECT9X como minimo para poder jugar Expedicion Holic

Manual Patch Download

In case where auto patch does not work, you must download the patch manually from the website.
Please check the client version which can be found on the right corner of the launcher page before downloading the new patch.
Once you confirm the version, please download the patch Higher than the existing version

    Video Card (VGA) Driver Download

    If you update the graphic driver to most current version, you may be able to enjoy the game in better quality.
    Please download after choosing the proper type of OS and Graphic Card.

    Brand of Graphic card Window
    ATI ATI Download
    NVIDIA nVidia Geforce Download
    S3 S3 Download
    matrox Matrox Download
    intel Intel Download
    SiS SIS Download

    Mainboard (Motheboard) Driver Download

    Problems may occur if you don’t have mainboard drivers updated.

    Brand of Graphic card Window
    NVIDIA Via Mainboard Driver Download
    intel Intel Mainboard Driver Download
    Sis SIS Mainboard Driver Download

    System Requirements

    Problems may occur if you don’t have mainboard drivers updated.

    Minimum Recommended
    PentiumIII 800MHz PentiumIV 1.8MHz
    RAM 256MB RAM 512MB
    VIDEO 1024X768 32-bit color VIDEO 1024X768 32-bit color or higher
    HDD 2GByte HDD 2GByte
    Graphic geforce 2MX or higher geforce4 MX440, ATI Radeon 9200 or higher