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How does the Diamond Castle works?

The Diamond Castle is the map where the 5 legendary Temples resides .The house that proves that they are worthy to rule the Temple will be rewarded handsomely.

How to enter the Diamond Castle map?

The NPC “Hero battle manager” at the each of the faction districts can teleport the character to the Diamond Castle war map after requesting.

How to capture the temple?

In Diamond castle map there are 5 Temples which can be occupied by a house. The Five Temples are as follows:-

  1. 1. Flame Wolf Temple.
  2. 2. Western land Temple.
  3. 3. Ocean Army Temple.
  4. 4. Southern Wood Temple.
  5. 5. Lightening Hill Temple.

Each temple are guarded heavily with the special forces and reinforced with strong doors .So beware!!!.

To capture the temple players has to break through the temples defense and find the particular temples Post Guard statue which will be spawned inside the great walls of the temple. Once the character of any house destroys the Guard post the temple will be occupied by that house.

The house that first captured the temple will be provided 20% of experience booster Buff for all the members of the House that had occupied the Temple .The Consecutive temples captured by the same house will give 10% Extra Experience buff. (For e.g. House A had captured the Flame Wolf temple and so all the members of House A will be rewarded with a 20% exp boost on every map. After some time House A captured the Western Land Temple and so the Exp boost percentage will be increased by 10% hence the Total exp Boost will be 30 % and so on .)

The other houses and members will also have a chance of capturing the temple after the first  temple has been captured .The re-spawn time of the Temple Post statue is 1 hour.

What`s the rewards for capturing the Temples?

The special buff which will increase the experience received for each kill for a monster in all maps.


What`s this Endless war?

The map created to test your skills and damaged in which you can even have a friendly sparring or a deadly pvp matches in this map.

Any particular time to enter the map?

No! Users may enter this map 24/7 anytime and any day.

Any level requirement needed for this map?

No! Any level character can enter this map.

What is endless war map for?

The map is a general pvp zone where any faction players can pvp with another or same faction users without requesting a cartel.


What is Golden Castle War?

The Golden castle is the storage facility of the legendary minerals and artifacts can be found in the map for which the houses must prove their virtue and courage to occupy the map inorder the explore the mining ground of Golden castle.

How to enter map Golden Castle?

Through a tombstone (Location: 259,319) in both faction district behind the battle Coin manager.

Uses of the Golden Castle Map :

  1. 1. House Masters and the house members of the houses can capture this map and special privileges.
  2. 2. Battle for your mining ground.
How to capture the map?

To capture the map the house master has to destroyed two of the guard Stones which can be found in the Golden castle war map and the most number of captures done by the House will rule the golden castle map.

The two guard stone are

  1. 1. Guard stone (Can be found inside the area which is blocked by 3 doors in the map.)
  2. 2. Carved stone (South of the center bridge)

How does this Golden Castle war Work?
  • The house leaders of the faction must enter the Mining area and has to locate the Guard stone which is present in the area and the house leader who destroys the guard stone will be blessed with an aura (Will of Carved Stone’) to destroy the 2nd stone called the “carved stone”.
  • The house leaders who do not possess the Will of carved stone aura are not eligible to attack or destroy the carved stone which can be found south of the Center Bridge.

Once the Carved stone is captured the opponents faction member’s location will be reset-ted to their starting zone and they have to repeat the process of destroying the guard, the faction who had occupied already has to hold the other faction members from destroying the guard stones and capturing it. This process is repeated until the battle time runs out .At last the faction who has occupied the map longest time will enjoy the Mining facility .But the house which had hold their position for the longest time will rule the map and will be able to gain some of  the privileges of the Special NPC at Golden castle.

Note: The most important material to craft the Sinister Spirit armor are found in the Undev mining area.

What is the reward?
Wining faction Reward :

Occupation of Golden Castle - You can get many minerals in Golden Castle.

  1. a) The possibility of mine increases, and you can get the Holes Planting mineral to enhance.
  2. b) The wining faction member can enter the Undev mining area exclusive for wining faction members alone.
  3. c) You can exchange some minerals for Holes Planting Stone (Can randomly obtains +1 to +5 Holes Planting Option Stone) with keeper.
  4. d) The keeper will give 10L Gold to the House Master who had occupied the map.
Losing faction Reward :

1. They can just collect small amount of mineral.

Note: If the house master who holds the “Will of Carved stone” dies/killed, the Guard Stone will be summoned again in next 5 mins. The characters will be stable for a short amount time after destroying the “carved Stone”.

Note: After the last 5 mins times of the war the Legend warriors of the Era will bless 2 random warriors of each faction with the “Ache Buff” (This buff has the Effect to increase the HP/Damage/Defense by 2 times for one kill).Once the Ache buffed character kills another faction character the buff disappears .The duration of the buff until a player is killed is 5 mins.


What is Flag kingdom?

This is a faction based war where the players try to gather as many flags for their faction before the time runs out.

When can we join the flag kingdom war?

The flag kingdom war has been separated between 2 level categories,

  1. 1. 40~100-Every Monday 3am, 11am and 7pm PST
  2. 2. 101~199-Every Wednesday 3am, 11am and 7pm PST
How can I participate in the war?

Once on the mentioned timings a notice will be given before the Flag kingdom war is started and users will be given about 10 mins to enter the Faction war map. Once the 10 mins are over users may not able to join the flag kingdom war map. To enter the map users have to find the HERO BATTLE MANAGER in the faction districts of Shao/Zhuang.

How does this Flag kingdom work?

As soon as the message ‘FIGHT’ appears on the screen, players can move out of the safe zone and run towards the statues which are there in several places of the map. When a player destroys a statue a flag is dropped and the player is supposed to carry that flag to their safe zone to collect 1 point. The opposite faction has to kill the player carrying the flag and carry it to their safe zone.

If a player dies when carrying the flag, the flag will be dropped in the same place where he died and he will be re-spawned to his safe zone to try again.

The maximum number of points collected by the faction will be the winner of the flag kingdom.

Note: A player cannot use the Wind Drift skill when carrying the flag to his faction safe zone. Make sure the 1st slot of your inventory is free in order to pick up the flag.

What will be the reward?

The reward will be for both the factions, a Hero Battle Gem Box will be given which will give random useful items.


What is a Great War?

The Great War is all about capturing the 5 statues in the map. The maximum number of statues captured by the faction for the longest duration will win the war and a reward will be given to all the Wining and the losing faction members.

When does the Great War start?

The Great War has been separated according to the character level so there are 2 Great Wars under the Level category,

Level range :
  • LEVEL 40~LEVEL 100
  • LEVEL 101~ LEVEL 199
  • Everyday 1pm Great War1 for level 40~100
  • Everyday 10pm Great War2 for level 101~199
How can I participate in the Great War?

Once on the mentioned timings a notice will be given before the Great War is started and users will be given about 10 mins to enter the Faction war map. Once the 10 mins are over users may not able to join the faction war map. To enter the map users have to find the HERO BATTLE MANAGER in the faction districts of Shao/Zhuang.

Once you communicate with the Hero battle manager in your faction district and select the “Enter Great War “ which will teleport the character to great war battleground.

How does the great war works?

As soon as the Fight starts, each faction will be rewarded with 10000 point as the 5 statues are captured the opponent faction will lose some points .Players are supposed to rush towards the five statues which are placed in different corners of the map and capture it by just standing near the statue. The Number of Statues captured will be displayed on the right-hand side near the mini-map.

The Colour reprents in short  the faction which had captured, if the statue is red in color meaning the Shao faction had captured the statue, if the Statues near the mini map are in blue in color then Zhuang has captured the statue. Once an opposite faction player come to captured statue, users may have to defend there statues you will have to kill him before he occupies your statue. The maximum number of point remaining for a faction before the time runs out will win the war. When a player dies he will be respawned to his faction safe zone.

What is there to defend?

As the Great war starts there are 2 points to be noted, Users will have to safeguard there Faction lord and defend/conquer Guard stones from the oppenent faction members.

Faction Lord of Both faction?

Note: The faction who neglects to safeguard his faction lord will pay the ultimate price of losing 1000 points from there total points.

What is the Reward?

The members will be rewarded a Hero Battle Gem Box *2 and 20 battle coins and Hero battle gem box*1 and  10 battle coins for the Losing faction.


What is a faction war?

The faction war is the battleground where shao and Zhuang Fight over each other and will show there true power of the faction and teamwork. The wining faction member will be rewarded with awesome in-game goodies.

When does the faction war start?

The faction war has been separated according to the character level and there are 2 faction wars under the Level category,

Level range :
  • LEVEL 40 ~LEVEL 100
  • LEVEL 101 ~ LEVEL 199
    Every Tuesdays 3am ,11am,7pm PST
    Every Thursdays 3am, 11am, 7 pm, and 11:30 pm PST
    And also on every Fridays 12 am and 12:20 am PST
How can I participate in the faction war?

Once on the mentioned timings a notice will be given before the faction war is started and users will be given about 10 mins to enter the Faction war map. Once the 10 mins are over users may not able to join the faction war map. To enter the map users have to find the HERO BATTLE MANAGER in the faction districts of Shao/Zhuang.

Once you communicate with the Hero battle manager in your faction district and select the “Enter Faction War “ your character will be teleported  to the faction war battleground.

How does the faction war works?

Each faction will start from there own faction positions and they have to  make there way to the opposite factions leaders base and try to kill there leader along the way to the opposite faction base there will guards and commanders of the faction along the way. SO BEWARE!!!!..By killing the guards and the opponent fractioned players will yields some points to your faction once after the time expires the highest number of point accumulated by the faction wins the war.

Note : The priority of each faction is safe guarding their leader of their faction. If the faction leader is killed by the opponent faction automatically the faction that killed the Leader will win the faction war.

Points distribution :
  • Guards- 1 point each
  • Commanders- 5 point
  • Players- 10 points
  • Faction Lord- Leader-War ends
What is the Reward?

The winning faction members will be rewarded a 1 special chest and 20 Battle coins for each members.

The losing faction member will also be rewarded with a special chest and 10 battle coins for each participants.